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Become Interesting

Become Interesting: How to be More Attractive to Women

Let’s face it; women aren’t attracted to men that are boring. Unfortunately, most men bore women to death, and then wonder why their relationship fails or never get a second date.  The solution is to become interesting. To be the type of guy that women want to be around and learn more about. Here are […]

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You Saucy Minx: Signs That She’s Flirting With You

There is no point wasting your time on a woman that isn’t showing any interest. There are a few ways that you can tell if a woman is attracted to you by observing her body language.  So when you next approach a woman, look out for these five signs of flirting carefully and you will increase […]

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How to Approach Women and Talk With Confidence

You’re standing at the bar when you see a beautiful woman. She makes eye contact and smiles. You decide to have a few drinks to gain more confidence before you approach her. A few hours later and you’re still at the bar but now you’re drunk. The beautiful woman gets up and leaves with a […]

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Beta Male Traits

30 Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid

A beta male is the opposite to an alpha male. To attract more women you need to learn how to become an alpha male. If I told you to write down a list of alpha male traits, what would you say? Tall, dark and handsome? Rich? Well-dressed? Although these traits make it easier for men […]

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Increase Sex Appeal

How to Boost Your Sex Appeal

You see a beautiful woman. Then you look away. But something in the back of your mind is telling you to take a second look. You become distracted and start gazing at her from a distance. That amazing power is called sex appeal. They say some men are born with sex appeal. He is naturally […]

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