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Dinner Dating Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

When dating a woman, at some point you’ll probably take her out for something to eat. Below are a few do’s and don’ts of dinner dates. Remember these rules before you head out to that fancy restaurant and she’ll be impressed. Do’s Dress to impress – Unless it’s a total dump, you should wear a […]

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First Date Etiquette: Mistakes Men Make

Let’s face it; you rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. How you conduct yourself on the first date will determine whether or not you get a second one. There are many mistakes that men often make that destroy their chances of seeing the woman again that they’ve worked so hard […]

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Dating Women in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

Some of you may be considering a relationship in your workplace, some of you may already be in one. Given that most of our time is spent at work, it’s unsurprising that many of us start dating women in the office….but is it a good idea? To help you decide we list the pros and […]

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The Art of Dating Conversation: Dos and Don’ts

You know where you’re going and what you’re going to wear on your first date, but there’s something on your mind – ‘what should I talk about?’ Knowing what to talk about is key to a successful first date. However, there are times when our minds go blank, the conversation dries up and we find […]

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First Date Tips

Preparation: The Key to a Successful First Date

So you’ve managed to get a date with someone special. Now it’s time to prepare! While a first date can be intimidating and a little nerve racking, when you’re organised, you can relax. To help you avoid making mistakes before the date has even started, we provide the following preparation guide. Firstly, women love a […]

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How to Dress for a First Date: Your Ultimate Guide

It’s surprising how many men fail to dress appropriately for a first date. Clothing covers 90% of your body so it’s essential that you dress to impress when dating women. This ultimate guide will provide you with some top tips on what to wear on a first date. Second dates will become second nature! Why […]

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How to Make a First Date More Memorable

It seems that many men these days believe dates fall into one of three categories: Restaurant A movie A few drinks in a bar Boring! A first date needs to be memorable in order to set you apart from other potential suitors, and let’s face it…you’re not going to stand out with the predictable dinner […]

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How To Successfully Meet Women Online

Many men complain that it’s hard to get women to write back or meet up when online dating. So today I am going to explain a few simple things you can do to make meeting women online easier. Message women when they’re online. Most big dating sites like and have a feature that […]

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Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Really Enjoy

With the current state of the economy, money is tight. The good news is that taking women out on dates doesn’t have to be expensive. It simply requires a little more thought. A lot of men think that they can buy their way out of thinking. Expensive candle lit dinners and theatre trips are ok […]

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How To Become An Alpha Male

How To Become An Alpha Male Review

Introduction I’ve raved about this book in my blog posts for ages now, but it’s hard to convince men that this is the best book out there on the subject. Dubbed “The Lazy Man’s Way To Easy Sex and Romance With 20 or More Women a Month,” How To Become An Alpha Male by John […]

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