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How To Successfully Meet Women Online

Many men complain that it’s hard to get women to write back or meet up when online dating. So today I am going to explain a few simple things you can do to make meeting women online easier. Message women when they’re online. Most big dating sites like and have a feature that […]

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Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Really Enjoy

With the current state of the economy, money is tight. The good news is that taking women out on dates doesn’t have to be expensive. It simply requires a little more thought. A lot of men think that they can buy their way out of thinking. Expensive candle lit dinners and theatre trips are ok […]

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The Top 5 Secrets To Getting More Blowjobs

A year ago, I was in a situation that most men experience at some point. My sex life was pretty good, but getting my girlfriend at the time to give me a blowjob was hard work. I like getting oral sex, so I tried everything to make her go down on me more often. At […]

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How To Be Her Best Lover Ever Review

Introduction I recently published a review on John Alexander’s How To Become an Alpha Male, so I thought I would tell you about his second book that I bought, How To Become Her Best Lover Ever. I usually mention this book at the end of each my sex advice blog posts, and a lot of […]

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How To Become An Alpha Male

How To Become An Alpha Male Review

Introduction I’ve raved about this book in my blog posts for ages now, but it’s hard to convince men that this is the best book out there on the subject. Dubbed “The Lazy Man’s Way To Easy Sex and Romance With 20 or More Women a Month,” How To Become An Alpha Male by John […]

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Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

If your cum tastes nasty then it is likely that she won’t swallow. Whilst improving myself I decided to research healthy foods that I can incorporate into my diet that will make my semen taste better and improve my sex life. You may not be that bothered about how you cum tastes but I guarantee […]

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Relationship Break Up

How To Deal With A Break Up Like An Alpha Male

Breaking up with your partner is a hard and an emotional experience. Whether the break-up is mutual or one sided, any serious relationship that ends will leave one or both people heartbroken. Luckily, the upset can be bearable if you can man up and learn to deal with it like an alpha male. If she […]

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Relationship Advice: Reasons Why Women Dump Men

Women need certain things in a relationship. Women want a man that they can trust, depend on and confide in. They want someone that makes them feel happy, secure and loved. However there are certain things men do wrong in relationships that give women reasons to break up with them. If your partner decides to leave you, […]

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10 Great Reasons for Men to Stay Single

You’re a single man, committed to no one but yourself. You can party all night and sleep until noon if you want to with no one telling you what to do. It’s a great being a bachelor, and why shouldn’t it be? In this day and age, there is no real social pressure to get […]

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Dating Essentials: What to Carry on a First Date

The first date is your chance to create a good first impression. Whilst the location, conversation, body language and interaction are all important for a successful first date, what you carry with you can also help impress her. Below I have included a short list of items that I recommend every man should carry with […]

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