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3 Kegel Exercises That Will Give You a Harder Penis

The kegel exercise is the best way to improve the hardness of your penis. However, men always worry about the length and girth of their penis. There is a multimillion dollar industry built around this paranoia that a majority of men have. There are a couple of penis exercises you can do to increase the […]

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Bigger Penis

5 Ways to Make Your Penis Look and Feel Bigger

The past few months I have been using The Penis Enlargement Bible Program. So far I have had some great results. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about how achieved this. In the mean time I recommend trying out his exercising the penis program and get started. However, before you start exercising […]

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Drunk as a Skunk: Hangover Cures for Men

Drink too much last night or thinking about having a drink tonight? A hangover is natures way of telling you that you had too much fun the night before. When I go out for a few drinks I try not to over do it. It’s not a good look when you get too drunk, swaying […]

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Prepare for Glory: The 300 Workout Challenge

About a month ago, I came across the 300 workout through a friend who had been using it in his training sessions down the gym once a week. I didn’t know too much about it apart from that it is apparently the training regime actors used to get into shape for the Hollywood movie 300. […]

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Reasons Why I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

I used to smoke cigarettes every single day. On an average day I would smoke at least 10. However on a weekend this number would rise, especially when I was drinking alcohol. About six months ago I decided to quit smoking. If I am honest, the decision to quit was a tough one (I actually […]

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