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130 Skills Every Man Should Know How To Do

A real man needs to know how to do real stuff. I have come up with a list of 130 essential skills, split into 15 different categories that I think every modern man should know how to do. I have also included links for further reading, just incase there are skills you haven’t acquired yet […]

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How To Make Your Bachelor Pad Sex Friendly

As a man, you want to make your place as sex friendly as possible. A woman may really like you and decide to come back to your place, only to find things in your home that turns her off. To avoid this mishap, read some of my tips below that you may want to consider […]

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10 Ways To Handle Stress

In today’s fast paced world it is becoming harder and harder to avoid getting stressed. There are a number of techniques and products that claim to help you cope with stress, however it’s hard to tell which ones work. I used to get stressed easily which isn’t a good trait to have. I now keep […]

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Personal Growth Quotes

Top Inspirational Quotes On Personal Growth

Personal growth is something I have been interested in for a few years now. For motivation and to continue with my development I often turn to quotes and wise words by famous people to inspire me. I hope today’s inspirational quotes will motivate you to become the man you want to be. 15 Inspirational Personal […]

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10 Things That Prevent A Good Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is not always easy. Most nights I would only have about 4-5 hours sleep which resulted in me feeling drained and tired. The next day would be unproductive and sometimes a complete waste. It’s not surprising as I was only having about half the recommended hours of sleep which is […]

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Lifestyle Quotes

Top Inspirational Quotes On Lifestyle

I have always wanted to lead a better lifestyle and one of my biggest motivations has been inspirational quotes and wise words by famous people. Today I have listed my favourites. I hope today’s inspirational lifestyle quotes will motivate and help you improve your life and begin your path to success. 15 Inspirational Lifestyle Quotes “A person […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Workout In The Morning

A lot of people claim that you will get much better results if you workout in the morning. Others say it doesn’t make one bit of difference what time of day you train and that the end result will always be the same. Although this is up for debate, there are many other reasons why […]

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Top Inspirational Quotes On Fitness

I have always wanted to get fit and build lean muscle and one of my biggest motivations has been inspirational quotes and wise words from famous people. Today I decided to list my favourites. I hope today’s inspirational fitness quotes will motivate you to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. 15 Inspirational Fitness Quotes “Pain […]

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8 Things To Have In Your Home That Women Love

When a woman visits your house, whether it is after your first date, or after a few dates, it can sometimes get awkward if you run out of things to talk about or if she gets the impression that you are trying to make a move on her. Below are 8 things you should have in […]

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Become Interesting

Become Interesting: How to be More Attractive to Women

Let’s face it; women aren’t attracted to men that are boring. Unfortunately, most men bore women to death, and then wonder why their relationship fails or never get a second date.  The solution is to become interesting. To be the type of guy that women want to be around and learn more about. Here are […]

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