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Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review: Skinny to Jacked Transformation System

Introduction Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets is a muscle building system created especially for hardgainers. Some guys find it difficult to gain weight and build muscle, no matter how hard they try. If you’re one of those people who have tried lots of different workout routines, supplements and diet plans but just won’t build muscle, […]

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The Handsome Factor Review

Introduction Your appearance and confidence go hand-in-hand  – enhancing your appearance, will boost your confidence. Mark Belmont’s The Handsome Factor teaches you how to better your looks, that’ll not only improve your confidence with women, but in many other areas of your life. The Handsome Factor provides a platform in which you can reinvent yourself. […]

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How To Be Her Best Lover Ever Review

Introduction I recently published a review on John Alexander’s How To Become an Alpha Male, so I thought I would tell you about his second book that I bought, How To Become Her Best Lover Ever. I usually mention this book at the end of each my sex advice blog posts, and a lot of […]

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How To Become An Alpha Male

How To Become An Alpha Male Review

Introduction I’ve raved about this book in my blog posts for ages now, but it’s hard to convince men that this is the best book out there on the subject. Dubbed “The Lazy Man’s Way To Easy Sex and Romance With 20 or More Women a Month,” How To Become An Alpha Male by John […]

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