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10 Quick Ways To Improve Your Appearance Overnight

by nick

It can be surprising how a few quick adjustments can make a big difference to your appearance and how you’re perceived amongst women and people in general. Try these tips below that will improve your appearance overnight.

Clean And Shine Your Shoes


You could be wearing your best clothes, but if your shoes are dirty and scuffed then this will automatically ruin your look. Buy a decent shoe polishing kit and buff your shoes at least once every couple of days, depending on how dirty they get.

Your shoes are important as this is usually the first thing a woman will look at. A clean polished pair of shoes shows that you take pride in your appearance and can look after yourself.

Wear Dress Shoes

If you usually wear trainers in the daytime, consider wearing dress shoes instead to stand out from the crowd. Trainers should be kept for the gym and other sporting activities. Slipping on a pair of dress shoes will give you a more professional, gentlemanly look, making you more popular with the ladies.

Get Rid Of Unsightly Hairs

Getting rid of stray hairs around your face is a quick and easy way to enhance your appearance. Women tend to find nose and ear hairs a turnoff so buy the Remington Angelic Nose Trimmer for a quick fix. It also comes with an attachment that is great for trimming eyebrows. It is especially handy if you have a unibrow.

Part Your HairWhen done correctly a side parting indicates a certain level of pride in your appearance. It’s a great hairstyle if you’re short on time as it only takes about 10 seconds to do. At the moment the most fashionable way to wear your part is with a short classic haircut. Aim to get your haircut every three to four weeks to maintain a neat fresh look.

Iron Your Clothes


A lot of men wear wrinkled clothing which makes them look sloppy. Make sure you take a couple of hours out of your schedule each week to properly iron your clothes. I tend to iron a weeks worth of clothes on a Sunday morning when I have a spare few hours and catch up on my favourite TV programmes whilst doing it.

Use Fabric Softener

Not only does fabric softener make your clothes smell fresh and feel soft, it also makes them easier to iron.

Wear A Blazer

Wearing a blazer will automatically make you feel more confident and sophisticated. The good thing is that you can wear a blazer with almost any clothing. So even if you’re popping out to the shops, you can wear your blazer with a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of clean, shiny dress shoes.

Wear A V-Neck Top

By wearing a v-neck top, you divert peoples gaze upwards towards your face rather than the lower half of your body. So if you’re a bit out of shape at the moment, wearing a v-neck is great way to apply more emphasis on your face rather than your beer belly.

Stand Up Straight

By standing up straight you improve your appearance in many ways. It makes you look taller, it pulls your belly inwards and makes you appear leaner. It also makes you look more confident.


People are naturally drawn to those that smile as it creates a positive aura. It will change how others interact with you. It seems simple, but it’s very effective. Imagine you’re a woman and you see a man standing at a bar looking pissed off. Are you going to want to get to know him? Probably not! However, don’t smile all the time. Only smile when something merits it.

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Transform Your Appearance Overnight

Take the necessary steps listed above to quickly improve your appearance. Each step is easy and even the smallest of changes will increase your confidence and enhance your sex appeal. So get to work!

To Our Success In Life,

Steve Harold

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