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6 Different Methods Of Pubic Hair Removal

by nick

There are many benefits when it comes to removing your pubic hair. Firstly it can make your penis look bigger by trimming back the hairy bush. Secondly it can improve your sex life, making your penis appear cleaner, which will encourage women to go down there more often.

There are many ways to remove your pubic hair, with each method having its pros and cons. I am going to go through the options below.


Using a razor is a popular way to remove pubic hair. It leaves a hygienic, clean finish. Use a sharp razor, warm water and decent shaving foam.


  • It’s easy and doesn’t take too long
  • You can do it in the shower so there is little mess to clean up
  • Leaves the skin around your penis and scrotum feeling smooth, which women love to touch


  • It can irritate the skin leaving razor burns and rashes
  • You need to shave every two or three days for general maintenance
  • Can be very itchy when it starts growing back


Men now wax. Have you ever heard of the sack back and crack? Waxing offers smooth longer lasting results, but it can be very painful and expensive.


  • Most waxing salons now cater for men
  • It lasts about two to four weeks
  • You can wax at home with a waxing kit which is much cheaper


  • Its painful compared to other options
  • It is an expensive way to keep removing your pubic hair
  • Your testicles are sensitive and some waxing salons wont agree to wax this area


This is probably the simplest way to trim your pubic hair. You can do it with scissors or an electric trimmer. Using a trimmer is the best and safest way.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Electric trimmers are cheap. Check out the one I use here
  • You can set the trimming length leaving you a neat finish


  • Doesn’t always leave a smooth finish
  • Can be messy, leaving pubic hair everywhere
  • Using scissors can leave a choppy messy look

Hair remover

You can buy creams that dissolve hair so it can be wiped away. They cost a bit more than trimmers or razors but take less time to maintain.


  • Lasts longer than shaving and isn’t as painful as waxing
  • Hairs grow back softer compared to shaving
  • Its affordable and pain free


  • You may have an allergic reaction to the cream. Make sure you test it first on your elbow for 48 hours
  • Can be harsh on the skin if you leave it on too long
  • Smells unpleasant


If you want to get rid of your pubic hair for good then electrolysis is what you need. It is 100% permanent. One visit to a specialist will get rid of your pubic hair forever.


  • Its permanent
  • You only need one treatment
  • Removes any colour of pubic hair


  • Its very expensive
  • It is uncomfortable, but not as much as waxing
  • Treatment can last from 2 – 12 hours


This is the less painful alternative to electrolysis. It is a quick and painless process. However you may need more than one treatment and there is no guarantee that it will stop hair growth permanently.


  • Treatment is quick at only 2-3 minutes a session
  • Its painless
  • Works well at removing dark coloured hair


  • More than one treatment is required meaning it can be expensive
  • Its not always 100% permanent
  • Its not effective on light coloured pubic hair

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Remove Your Pubic Hair Now

If you’re not trimming your pubic hair then you need to take action and give one of the hair removal options a try. It will improve your confidence in the bedroom, make your penis look bigger and women prefer it.

I use two of the methods above to remove my pubic hair. I use the Philips Bodygroom trimmer to trim the hair on my pubic bone and testicles. I then use a razor for a closer shave on my testicles. It’s best to do this when your testicles are tight as it’s easier to get a closer shave compared to when they’re saggy!

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