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8 Things To Have In Your Home That Women Love

by nick

When a woman visits your house, whether it is after your first date, or after a few dates, it can sometimes get awkward if you run out of things to talk about or if she gets the impression that you are trying to make a move on her. Below are 8 things you should have in your house that are great conversation starters and help you take things to the next level.

Have Something Homemade

Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a sculpture or pieces of artwork, have something on display that you have made yourself. This shows that you have some sort of talent and have other interests. Even if it’s not even that good you can both have a laugh at it. Either way if you have fun with it, she will too.

A Games Console

In the past, having a games console used to be a major turn off for women and you might have been considered being a geek for having one. However games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii have become a lot more interactive and women now often play them too. Buy some women friendly interactive games such as Just Dance 2 or Wii Party and play against each other. Make some friendly bets and forfeits that the loser has to do for the winner.


Buy a rack and stock it up with some wine. The wine doesn’t have to expensive and you can get some decent bottles for under £10.  Offering her a glass of wine instead of a beer is much classier and will impress her.

Interesting Books

Have a selection of interesting books on your coffee table. Dating books are good as they create interesting conversations. Also books of countries you have visited such as Lonely Plant are good conversation starters.

A Collage Of Pictures

Have a main wall in your house that is full of pictures that tell a story. Create a collage of pictures that show the places you have been in the world, pictures of family and friends and pictures of you when you were younger. This will defiantly get her asking more questions and show an interest.

A Musical Instrument

If you can play a musical instrument keep it out on display and grab her attention. If you aren’t musically talented, why not take lessons and learn. My favourite is the acoustic guitar.

A Pet

It common knowledge that women love most types of animals. It doesn’t have to be a cat or a dog  so if you haven’t got a pet yet don’t worry. Consider buying a fish tank and having a few fish. Having a pet shows that you are responsible and able to provide. Women specifically look for these qualities in a man.

Cooking Appliances

Having a few cooking appliances in your kitchen shows that you can do more than just cook toast. Learn a few recipes and then invite her over for dinner one night in the future and have fun cooking dinner together.

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