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Dating Essentials: What to Carry on a First Date

by nick

The first date is your chance to create a good first impression. Whilst the location, conversation, body language and interaction are all important for a successful first date, what you carry with you can also help impress her. Below I have included a short list of items that I recommend every man should carry with him on a first date that will prepare him for any situation and leave his date impressed.

Mints or gum


You’ve just finished dinner and the ingredients of you meal included garlic and onions. Your breath now stinks. She doesn’t want to smell what you ate at dinner for the rest of the night. As you step out of the restaurant pop a few mints or gums in your mouth to freshen your breath. This will increase your chances for that first kiss. She may even need something to freshen her breath too so be prepared in case she asks if you have anything.



Carry a clean, pressed white hankie with you in your pocket. When she wells up during the movie you’re seeing, you can offer her a soft hankie. Also if she gets food on her clothes at dinner you can give her your hankie so she can clean herself up. Let her keep the hankie when she has finished with it. Firstly it’s dirty. Secondly, when she gets round to washing it, your hankie will be a reminder of how great you are and she will look forward to a second date.



Women take ages to get ready and the last thing she wants is her efforts ruined by getting soaked in the rain. Put an umbrella in your car and be prepared to keep her dry. If it’s raining during your date, keep the umbrella with you so you can shelter her from the elements.

Bullet deodorant


Although you have followed all the correct grooming procedures before your first date, all it takes is a moment of nerves or a hot summers evening to bring on the sweats and body odour. Carry a Lynx bullet deodorant (the first pocket sized spray) that’ll freshen up your armpits if needed. Hide it away in your pocket and if you feel a hot sweat coming on, quickly pop to the toilets a give yourself a spray.



In this day and age, everyone seems to pay by card. When you’re on a first date, always carry cash on you. Some places still don’t except debit or credit cards, especially if it’s a small local restaurant instead of the typical generic chain. Imagine the panic when you finish the meal and realise where you’re dining doesn’t accept card. Even worse, imagine the embarrassment of asking your date if she can pay. To avoid this carry a few notes on you.



Not having sex on the first date is an outdated tradition. These days, if two people feel a connection then there is nothing wrong with having sex on the first date. To keep up with the times, it’s important that you carry condoms with you just in case you really hit it off. Getting her pregnant or catching an STI is the last thing you want, and it’s your responsibility to have them on you. Make sure you have at least two hidden well away in your wallet, so you have a spare if one splits or you want to go again.

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