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How to Boost Your Sex Appeal

by Ryan Chambers
lets talk sex sign
Let’s talk sex, written on a notepad, with condoms and pills signifying sex appeal

You see a beautiful woman. Then you look away. But something keeps telling you to take a second look. You become distracted and start gazing at her from a distance. That amazing power is called sex appeal.

They say some men are born with sex appeal. He is naturally good-looking and in great physical shape. Other men aren’t so lucky. However, I am here to tell you that sex appeal isn’t something you are born with; it’s something you develop.

Have you ever known someone who you consider to be good-looking but lacks personality? You quickly realize that his gifted genetics are not as important as you once thought!

Sex appeal is the entire package. It’s about making the most of your positive features and feeling comfortable in your skin. It’s within everyone’s grasp, no matter how old you are or how you look.

I will teach you some of the best ways to increase your sex appeal and make you the one that women are attracted to.

Personal Hygiene

man cleaning face
A man doing his routine morning hygiene practice

This can be quite difficult to say, but some men stink! It is surprising how many men pay little attention to their personal hygiene, harming their sex appeal. You need to invest in some basic toiletries and use them regularly. The basic toiletries are:

  • A good antiperspirant. Look out for deodorants that last at least 24 hours. Right Guard, Lynx, Sure Men, Nivea For Men, and L’Oreal are all reliable brands.
  • Whitening toothpaste and a toothbrush. Get your teeth brushed once in the morning and once in the evening. Make sure it reaches your tongue and the roof of your mouth. This should take care of bad breath.
  • Mouthwash and dental floss. Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth to help keep your breath fresh and remove any food debris. Antiseptic mouthwash is best as it not only keeps your breath fresh but also fights plaque and protects your teeth against food decay. Floss your teeth daily, in the morning and evening, to remove food and dental plaque.
  • A pack of mints. If you smoke, like drinking coffee or enjoying a tuna sandwich, then carry a pack of extra strong mints around with you at all times. Pop one in your mouth each time you eat, drink something smelly, or have a cigarette.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Have your bath once in the morning and once in the evening (especially after the gym).
  • A good moisturizer. Apply in the morning and in the evening after your shower. I recommend L’Oreal For Men Hydra Energetic Moisturizer. It refreshes your skin, and it’s non-greasy, which is perfect for the face. Also, use a body moisturizer to stop the rest of your body from drying out.
  • A chapstick If your lips are dry and cracked, then use chapstick to soften and protect them.
  • Eye drops and eye rolls If you work in a dusty environment or sit in front of a computer all day, then you should use Optrex Eye Whitening Drops to refresh your eyes and make them look brighter. Also, use L’Oreal For Men Hydra Energetic Eye Roll to reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles.
  • Hair products. There are many types of hair products to choose from, gel, putty, wax, mousse, clay, and spray. Experiment with each product until you find one that suits your hair type and length.
  • Fragrances. You should apply a fragrance in the morning and in the evening before you go out. Your fragrance collection should consist of at least 3-4 different types and be rotated daily. To help choose the best fragrance for you, read my post, Top 10 Men’s Fragrances That Attract Women.

Learn how to use each of these toiletries and use them often. It may cost you a bit of money and a trip to the drugstore, but the difference is amazing and will do wonders for your sex appeal.

Male Grooming

male grooming tools
Male grooming tool for a great sex appeal.

If you have a hairy back, a bushy beard, and long dirty fingernails, then you are seriously damaging your sex appeal. Below are some devices that will help you:

  • Nose hair trimmer. You must invest in a nose hair trimmer to get rid of unwanted nose and ear hair. The Remington NE3350 Angled Hygienic Trimmer works perfectly and is very cheap. Use this at least twice a week, depending on how much nose and ear hair you have.
  • Nail clippers. You always need to keep your finger and toe nails short and clean. Use nail clippers at least once a week and a nail file to smooth out any rough edges. Buy this Men’s Manicure Set, which includes everything you will ever need, such as scissors, nail clippers, nail files, tweezers, cuticle pushers, pinchers, etc.
  • Stubble trimmer. If you like the rugged stubble look, fashionable these days, then the stubble trimmer will ensure your facial hair looks nice and tidy. Use this trimmer once every two days to maintain your facial hair and look smart.
  • Body trimmer. Hair below the neckline also needs to be trimmed and maintained. The main body parts you need to concentrate on are the chest, back, and pubic regions. The Philips TT2040 Rechargeable All-in-One Bodygroom Pro is great for trimming your chest and pubic hair to your desired length. Trimming your pubic hair is important as it makes your penis appears bigger and cleaner (you are more likely to get a blowjob). The Bodygroom Pro is also useful for trimming back hair, assuming you have someone that can do it for you. If you haven’t, then the Man Groomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver is great for shaving those hard-to-reach areas. Note: Never shave your arms and legs unless you’re a bodybuilder or a professional swimmer. Having hair in these parts is what makes you a man.
  • Hair straighteners. A lot of men think hair straighteners are for women only. But if you have wavy curly hair and want more control, then why not use them? You can now buy hair straighteners for shorter hair, such as the Toni & Guy TG1186UK 15mm Ceramic Narrow Iron, which can be used to create neater hairstyles.

You can buy all these products by clicking on the links. I own each of these devices, and they work great. Every woman likes a well-groomed man, so keeping your body neat and tidy is essential for enhancing your sex appeal.

Dress Sense

I spent a good few years wearing anything that was clean in my wardrobe. I was also obsessed with only wearing expensive designer clothes. As I wasn’t earning a fortune, my clothes collection was limited to what I could afford. I would wear the same clothes every weekend, without many styles. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t getting much attention from women a few years ago. Once I started paying more attention to what I was wearing, I noticed that I was getting more attention from the women around me. I stopped caring about the brand names and focused more on what the clothes looked like and how they fit. Here are some tips:

  • Your shoes. You need to own at least two pairs of smart shoes and two pairs of casual shoes. Smart shoes should be kept clean and shiny. For casual shoes, buy a pair of boots and a pair of boat shoes. Women always notice the shoes a man is wearing. It is one of the first things she will judge you on.
  • Your belt. Make sure that your belt’s color matches your shoes’ color. Wearing a black belt with brown shoes is a serious wardrobe malfunction.
  • Branded clothing. Stay away from clothes with big designer logos printed everywhere. You don’t want to look like a walking billboard.
  • The fit. Fitted blazers, shirts, and jumpers look best but will only work if you’re in good shape.
  • Fashion. It’s always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest trends and fashion. However, don’t spend a fortune on the latest jacket just because you saw David Beckham wearing it in a magazine. Be sensible, stick to what works for you, and keep within your budget. Remember that clothes go in and out of fashion all the time. Conquer the basics first.

Show women that you care enough to look good. Women love men who are constantly working to improve themselves.

Upgrade Your Appearance!

If you want to improve your appearance and enhance your sex appeal, then you need to read Mark Belmont’s The Handsome Factor. This transformation guide covers everything you need to know about improving your looks. I followed this guide and transformed my appearance overnight. Mark is currently offering a Risk-Free $1 trial, so you can try it now and decide later.


muscular man with towel
 A shirtless man with sex appealing physique

It is important that you don’t obsess over your body shape. However, if you currently have a beer belly and a double chin, then the ladies will knock you down a few points. Women and men are biologically inclined to find healthy people more sexually attractive. Ask yourself this. Would you prefer a woman with toned legs and a small waist or a woman with a fat lump of a friend? I think the answer is obvious, and women think the same as men.

If you’re not already a member of a gym, then you should think about joining one. Getting into shape can only be a good thing for your health, confidence, and sex appeal.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day of the week either. Your aim is to get a sexy body, not to look like a bodybuilder. By going to the gym 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes each time, you can build lean muscle and lose body fat, creating a body that women desire. Below is a list of male body parts that women find attractive:

  • Your shoulders. Broad shoulders make women feel safe and secure around you. You can build big shoulders by performing the following exercises: dumbbell shoulder press, barbell shoulder press, and lateral raises.
  • Your abs. Please don’t spend all your time doing thousands of crunches. Instead, perform High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to lose the body fat that is covering up your abs. Perform crunches and other ab exercises in moderation.
  • Your bum. Too many men concentrate on their upper body and neglect their legs. A big torso and skinny chicken legs look stupid, and women notice. You can build rock-hard glutes by performing the following exercises: deadlifts and squats.
  • Your back. Women love a man with a broad, strong back. You can build a strong back by performing these exercises: deadlift, wide-grip pull-ups, and lat pull-downs.
  • Your arms. To build big arms, you need to work your triceps and biceps. Your triceps are the bigger of the two, so working them out is a must. Perform tricep dips and narrow-armed push-ups to build up your triceps. For your biceps, do hammer curls and bicep curls.

To build lean muscle and lose body fat fast, you need to concentrate on resistance weight training and HIIT. Compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench presses, etc., are best as they increase your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), meaning you lose more body fat. To find out more, read my post, The Truth About Multi-joint and Single Joint Exercises.

Build the Muscle, Lose the Fat

To build lean muscle and lose body fat, you need to read Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program. I spent years following fitness programs, trying to gain lean muscle and lose body fat, but none of them seemed to work. Don’t waste your time! Want a program that works? Then you definitely need to try The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program. I literally striped body fat and gained lean muscle in the first month of trying his program, and I was only using his beginner’s workout routine. Mike is currently offering a Risk-Free $4.95 trial, so you can try it now and decide later.


Hobbies are one of the easiest ways to increase your sex appeal. If you become really good at any of your hobbies, you will probably find a woman who thinks it’s sexy. Hobbies that women find attractive are:

  • Exercising
  • Traveling
  • Playing instruments
  • Playing a sport
  • DIY
  • Cooking
  • Volunteering

Build Confidence

Some people are just naturally confident. I’m not one of them. Men who are confident radiate sex appeal. I work on my confidence all the time. I don’t just want to feel confident; I want people to see it. Body language is the best way to show confidence. Keep practicing until your confidence becomes second nature.


An attractive personality is important. Your personality is what makes you unique as a person. Some men get through life on their looks and never develop an attractive personality. To build an attractive personality, you need to:

  • Be positive. Women like men who have a positive outlook on life. Be upbeat and full of energy. No one wants to be around someone who is negative and always complaining.
  • Be humorous. Women love men who can make them laugh and smile.
  • Show respect. Have respect for others as well as respect for yourself.
  • Have opinions. Men who don’t have an opinion on anything are boring.
  • Be a good listener. Make her feel important by being a good listener.
  • Expand your interests. Read and learn more, and she will find you more interesting.
  • Be yourself. Your personality is unique. Never try to be something you’re not!

Be A Leader

Being a leader is a quality that people find attractive, especially women. However, you don’t have to be the boss of a major company. A leader is someone that people look to for guidance. To be a leader, you must do the following:

  • Be proactive. If you can see a problem arising, take action and the relevant steps to prevent it. If you can’t prevent it, then at least prepare.
  • Make decisions. Be prepared to make decisions and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Motivate. Share positive thoughts with people and inspire them to achieve their goals.
  • Solve problems. Develop your talents and apply them to make a difference.

Be A Challenge

Most women like men who are a challenge. However, for some reason, a lot of men seem to ignore this. To be a challenge to women:


  • Make yourself too available.
  • Be needy and seek her approval.
  • Bombard her with phone calls and text messages.
  • Agree with everything she says.
  • Be overly nice
  • Express your feelings too early.


  • Show her enough interest to make her miss you.
  • Tease her.
  • Give her enough space, so she wonders what you are doing.
  • Show her that you are enjoying your life.
  • Be mysterious.
  • Say no.
  • Reject her the right way if she is below your standards.

Be Unpredictable

Women like men that they can’t predict. However, most men are predictable. If she can read you like a book, then you are destined to fail. To increase your sex appeal and keep her interest levels high, you need to:

  • Be spontaneous. Stop making plans all the time and overanalyzing things too much.
  • Surprise her. Keep her guessing about what surprises you have up your sleeve.
  • Try somewhere new. Don’t always hang out at the same bar or coffee shop.
  • Don’t stick to a routine. If you feel like things are becoming routine, try something different.
  • Do what you want to do. If you feel like doing something, just do it!

Seduce, Pick Up and Date Beautiful Women

If you find approaching women difficult and lack confidence, you need to know how to become an alpha male. I used to find it almost impossible to talk to women, let alone get dates until I read this book. I can honestly say I immediately increased my confidence and self-esteem. Dating women became second nature to me.

Touch More People

Men with sex appeal are completely comfortable in their own bodies and don’t mind touching other people, especially women. Touch people all the time when in social situations and connect.

Have More Women In Your Life

man and woman in sauna
Two individuals hanging out at a Sauna

The bigger your social circle, the more women you will meet. The more women you know, the more attractive you become. If a social opportunity arises, take it! Go out with friends, work colleagues, old school friends, etc. Spend time with your female friends, and you will be introduced to more women. The more exposure to women you get, the number of women chasing you will increase.

Learn More About Sex

Read and learn about sexual techniques, erogenous zones in the human body, and what women generally like. Even if you’re not having much sex at the moment or have not had much sex in the past, familiarize yourself with the basics so that when you do get a woman into bed, you’re prepared and ready for action. I recommend reading How to Be Her Best Lover Ever by John Alexander. This book will teach you everything you need to know about sex.

Have More Sex

Abstract food stuffs depicting sexual tension and sex appeal

It’s common knowledge that men who are getting more sex compared to other men are more relaxed and easygoing. This is because they are not bothered when they’re going to get laid next.

Ready To Increase Your Sex Appeal?

Pay attention to the ideas I have outlined here. Try to understand why they are sexy and why women would find them attractive. Start working on yourself and do the little things that will increase your sex appeal first. Gradually increase your sex appeal, and before you know it, you will be getting attention from women around you.

Little Hint…

Remember to try out The Tao of Male Sex Appeal: A Man’s Guide to Attracting Women. This eBook will instantly increase your sex appeal. This is the first book to succinctly describe the reasons and mechanisms behind women’s attraction to males. 

Jim Carrera and Sean Marsh noticed and documented the innate behavior in males that women are drawn to based on a 20-year study of highly successful dominating men. This book provides you with the basic, step-by-step characteristics of dominating male conduct.

The Tao of Male Sex Appeal: A Man's Guide to Attracting Women
  • Jim Carrera (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 120 Pages - 08/13/2004 (Publication Date) - AuthorHouse (Publisher)

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