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How to Dress for the Office Christmas Party

by nick

Christmas is upon us, and with that comes the work-related parties. Whether you’ve enjoyed Christmas parties in the past or found them a bit tedious and boring, you’ll need to dress appropriately as you mingle with the boss and socialize with your work colleagues. With that in mind, we provide you with our list of tips on how to dress for your office Christmas party, to ensure that you’ll be looking your best.

Plan What You’re Going to Wear in Advance
No matter how carefully you plan your day, there’s always going to be something that’ll make you late. Therefore, you should definitely pre-prepare what you’re going to wear for your office Christmas party a couple of days before the event. Otherwise, you may find that you forgot to wash and iron your dress shirt or that your favourite suit is wrinkled and stained. To avoid a last minute panic, decide what you’re going to wear, then wash and iron your clothing. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the dress code in advance so that you don’t turn up under or over dressed for the occasion.

Allow Time for Proper Grooming
As most office parties will start almost immediately after work, grooming is essential on the morning of the party. You don’t want to quickly change into your party attire after work only to realize you’re fashioning overgrown facial hair. Shower, exfoliate and wash your face in the morning. Your face should be clean shaven, but if you like stubble, use a stubble trimmer to tidy and complete your look. Trim your nose hair and groom your eyebrows. Get your haircut a week before, and trim the back of your neck and behind your ears the day before. Your nails should be clean and cut, and your breath should be fresh, so carry a pack of mints in your pocket. Wear cologne but go easy on the spray – it’s not a first date.

Picking Your Outfit
When it comes to picking your outfit, it’s all about getting the balance right. You don’t want to come across as boring, just as you don’t want to appear unprofessional. Here are three things that you should consider:

Keep your outfit on the conservative side – Although you’ll be at a more relaxed social engagement, you’re still attending a work function. A tailored dark suit in either black or grey would be the ideal choice; paired with black dress shoes, a pocket square and a polka dot tie to give your look the added spark. Even if you work for a casual business, you should still dress things up a little. Not all office parties will require a suit; however this doesn’t mean that you can show up in a t-shirt, torn jeans and sneakers. For a more informal setting, consider wearing a sports jacket or blazer, matched with a pair of dark jeans and a button down shirt for a casual yet professional appearance.
Make a statement – You can still get into the festive spirit by dressing a bit more boldly at your Christmas party. Try opting for a blazer in a bright colour or with an eye-catching texture. For example, Shore in rose is the perfect bright blazer for the holiday party season, while Lighthouse in grey has great texture.

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