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How to Improve Your Daily Commute to Work

by Ryan Chambers
man preparing to ride bike to work
Ways to make your daily commute to work productively

Everyone that has to do it knows that commuting to work is no fun. Whether it’s sitting in a car, train, or bus for an hour or more, the time you spend traveling to work should be kept as stress-free as possible. There are many ways we can transform our daily commute into a more bearable experience. Doing so may improve not only our day in the office but also our personal life and health.

You might still suggest that commuting can be a dreadful, annoying, and uncomfortable waste of time. However, you fail to acknowledge the fact that it creates a rare opportunity to multitask in your busy schedule. Whether you have a car or commute by public transport (including working or biking), here are some ways to improve your daily commute to work and turn the negative into a positive.

Plan Your Commute

No matter how you commute to work, it’s essential to plan ahead. The last thing that you want to be doing is running around your home in the morning trying to find your train ticket, making your lunch, ironing your shirt, and everything else before you even start on your journey.

Make preparing for the next working day part of your evening routine. Lay out your outfit, pack your man bag, and, if you bring your own lunches, make them the night before.

Look at Travel Updates

woman taking the bus to work
Lady enjoying her commute to work on a bus

Make time in the mornings to look up the traffic conditions before you set out on your commute. If you drive to work, use Google Maps for up-to-the-minute directions that’ll provide you with the quickest route based on the latest traffic conditions.

Considering what constitutes your perfect commute to work, would you rather:

  • Take a longer commute with fewer trips?
  • Take the shortest trip possible?
  • A commute that lets you sit, relax, and enjoy the view?

If you normally ride the bus, try taking the train for a week. If you’re driving, experiment with alternative routes. It will help you understand which mode of transportation is ideal for you. It will make it less intimidating to take a different route if a train derailment or a traffic jam disrupts your typical journey on a certain day. At the absolute minimum, it will give you confidence that your final travel option is the right one for you.

If you take the train or tube, go on the company’s Twitter page for post updates about delays and service changes.

Be Productive 

man taking bus to work
Businessman making productive use of his commute time to work

It’s easy to view your daily commute as a few hours of wasted time, but it doesn’t have to be. It would be best if you use your commute time to take care of stuff that you might put off otherwise. If you have a task to complete or a big test coming up, revise and make notes. 

If you have hundreds of emails to plow through, sort through your inbox. This way, you’ll make use of the time whilst traveling and free up more time for when you get home.

You can also sit back and focus on the aspects of your life that may be changed or improved. According to one research, those who utilized their commute to reflect on their days were happier and more productive than those who didn’t.

Evaluating elements of your life, such as your physical and spiritual health, and making efforts to enhance them may help you greatly at work.

Catch Up on Your Reading

Books reading is one of the finest methods to relieve stress while learning something new on the sideline. Reading, whether a motivating autobiography or a science fiction book, improves productivity and stimulates the intellect. It also improves your writing abilities and broadens your vocabulary.

Carry an inspiring book with you each day you commute to work. Whether you are on public transportation or you drive to work, there are many audiobooks that you can download and listen to throughout your commute to work daily.

If you enjoy reading, then getting into a good story is a great way to relax and escape reality. Instead of carrying a few heavy books around with you, why not invest in an e-reader? Kobo Libra 2 is a cheaper alternative to the iPad. Featuring a 7″ electronic paper display, with storage for up to 3,000 books and Wi-Fi, its light and compact design will sort your commute reading out nicely.

If you drive to work, Kobo Libra 2 includes a text-to-speech feature that’ll read your newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books aloud to you.

Learn Something 

You might be among thousands that blame your busy work schedule for not being able to learn something new. However, you fail to acknowledge your everyday commute to work. Yet, your commute might give you the time you need to learn new things.

Use your daily commute to work to take an online class that will help you increase your knowledge and even advance through your company’s ranks. Several sorts are available to deliver live vocal teaching or recorded lectures that you may listen to while driving.

Instead of listening to your iPod on repeat to pass the time or the guy sitting next to you talking loudly on his cellphone, why not grow your mind and learn something new?

Amazon.com provides a lot of educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos from a variety of disciplines that you can listen to or watch during your commute to work. Learn a new language, listen to lectures or download a podcast, and brush up on a subject of your choice—all for an affordable price.

Check out the Amazon website to see some of these men’s educational books. You’ll be blown away. Examples of their top sellers include Discovering The Whole Man In You by Clifton Trotter, Stakes Is High by Derrick R. Brooms, and Men’s Health Best. Sex. Ever. by Jordyn Taylor.

Get Some Exercise 

When the weather’s nice, there really is no excuse to spend your entire commute trapped in a car or on public transport. If you usually get a bus to work, why not get off a few stops earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way instead? Likewise, if you usually drive to the train station, try biking there or walking. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be getting some extra exercise.

If you walk, consider buying some walking shoes. If you wear smart shoes for work, walking long distances can be uncomfortable and cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Carry a Man Bag 

A man needs a bag to carry his stuff to and from work. It needs to be compact, waterproof, and sturdy, that’ll keep his laptop, wallet, and paperwork safe and dry. The Estarer Men’s Leather Briefcase fits this bill.

Listen to Some Beats 

You can take advantage of your commute to work by doing away with your same old Spotify playlists and go out there in search of your new favorite artists. Try a streaming station if you have Wi-Fi connectivity while commuting. If not, make a note of bands you hear about on the radio or at work and search for them on Spotify to create a playlist. Keep it if you like it! If not, remove it!

Make a power playlist of all your favorite tunes and download them onto your iPod. Listening to your favorite songs will improve your mood and make the commute go much faster.

Catch Up on The Latest News

woman taking taxi to work
Lady commuting from work in the back seat of a cab.

Consequently, social media has emerged as one of the key sources of news. Unfortunately, the news on social media is sometimes false and tainted. Even though newspapers and radio are losing popularity due to social media, they remain more neutral and credible news sources.

By reading the headlines and stories in the newspaper or listening to the radio during your commute, you may stay abreast of the latest news in your area. This will assist you in having a true grasp of what is going on around you. 


The United States Census Bureau indicates that the typical American worker spends 26.9 minutes daily traveling to and from work. Therefore, spending your commute to work productively might help you get into the work mentality and become more focused at work. It may also help you escape the stress of lengthy and exhausting commutes and make you happier at work and in life in general.

You may take advantage of your commuting time to unwind. Play your favorite music while driving, or take deep breaths and appreciate the view. Do everything that helps you relax and reduces tension.

In essence, you can use your commute to work to improve a skill or catch up on the activities you wouldn’t find time for on a normal working day. Remember to do away with your work gadgets, so you don’t get distracted by reoccurring alerts and notifications.

Use these guidelines to make your commute to work more productive and enjoyable than ever before.


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