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How To Instantly Turnoff Women

by nick

There are things that you could be doing that turnoff women without you even realising. There’s the obvious, farting, burping, picking your nose etc that turn women off. However did you know that giving compliments and showing commitment can turnoff women just as much? I will explain further in my list of things that turnoff women.


This can be a major turnoff. Instead of talking about anything useful, you feel the need to talk only about yourself. How much money you earn, how popular you are, how great your job is, are all popular conversation topics of a bragger.

Make sure you ask her questions and focus the conversation on her. Men that brag tend to be insecure, looking for approval and usually full of ball shit.

Being Artificial

Women like compliments but if you compliment her too often it will seem fake. Only give her a compliment if you mean it. Also, if you don’t agree with something she says then tell her. Agreeing with her about everything makes you look like you don’t have your own opinion. This is a turn off. You will never agree with everything she says, trust me!

Being a Mummy’s Boy

Once you hit the age of 18 you need to be making your own decisions in life. If you’re older than this and your mum still buys your clothes, tells you who to date or makes any decisions for you then you need to grow up. Women like a man to stand on his own two feet.

Being Cheap

I am not saying that you should buy her flowers every week or expensive gifts. I am talking about little things like comparing her £7 large glass of wine to your £3 pint of beer and saying how expensive her drink is. Commenting on every penny you spend on her will make you look cheap.

Slagging Off Your Ex-Girlfriend

This tells a woman one of two things.

1) You’re over her but you’re not a very nice person

2) You’re not over her and you still have feelings

Overall it’s not going to impress your new potential girlfriend.

Using Disrespectful Words

Bitch, slag, slut, whore are all words you should be avoiding among others. I don’t think I need to explain further.

Bad Table Manners

Licking your plate, knife, burping, chewing food with your mouth open, talking with food in your mouth are all examples of bad table manners you need to avoid. It may have been acceptable in the Stone Age, however in this day and age you will look like you’ve something wrong with you.

Being Fussy With Your Food

Unless you have an allergy, medical condition or specific dietary requirements, being a fussy eater can be a turnoff. Be willing and open minded to try different foods. Not being able to order anything from a menu apart from fries because that’s the only thing you will eat isn’t very adventurous.

Coming On Too Strong

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you start talking about going on holiday with her on your first date or moving in after your third, then you are setting yourself up for a disaster. Avoid any conversations like this, even if you really like her.

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