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How To Write and Publish an Article On AlphaMaleLifestyle

by nick

We are looking for regular guest bloggers to publish on our blog and our mailing list.

Our aim is to build an Alpha Male Lifestyle Community sharing everyone’s knowledge and expertise on the topics covered in our blog. If you think this is something you can do, please submit a post at the bottom of this page.

Writing a Post For Us

It is important that your blog post is related to our blog, if it isn’t, we won’t be publishing it. Here is a selection of our most popular topics:

  • Dating Advice
  • Attraction
  • Fitness
  • Men’s Health
  • Exercises
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Sex Advice
  • Lifestyle tips

Examples of types of blog posts we love to see:

  • Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Appeal
  • Why High Intensity Interval Training Rocks
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your PC Muscle
  • Top 20 Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid

Recommended Guidelines For Creating An Article For AlphaMaleLifestyle

  • Please make sure that there isn’t a blog post similar to the one your writing for us already on our website.
  • English must be your mother tongue, if it isn’t we will notice.
  • Please only submit posts that are written by you.

Giving You Credit

We will mention you at the bottom of your blog post along with a link to your website. The better the post the more clicks and long term traffic you will receive.