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Men’s Hairstyle: How to get the Side Sweep

by Ryan Chambers
man combing a side sweep
Man making a side sweep haircut.

Need a haircut? Don’t know what style to go for? Do you want to look effortlessly stylish without having to invest too much work into it? Well, why not opt for the latest trend in men’s hairstyling—the side sweep?

First made popular by American college boys in the 50s and more recently revitalized by the Mad Men character Don Draper, it’s the hottest hairstyle to be fashioned by a cool, sophisticated man.

Regardless of whether you’re the monarch of unkempt hair, this classy, side-swept style will have you living your best life in style with just a comb and a little lotion. So, simply keep scrolling to learn how to obtain a 007-worthy look.

The Style

This style has a close-cropped quiff, and a low side parting that’s swept to the right with the sides of the hair slicked back behind the ears. The parting should be relaxed and undefined, and the quiff should be kept low.

Here’s How to Get the Look

You’ll need certain tools to create the perfect side sweep hairstyle, and there are no cutting corners:

When it comes to men’s hairstyles and haircuts, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first thing is that your hair should be dry before you apply any product. This will make your hair easier to work with and prevent it from getting frizzy or greasy during styling.

male hairdresser
Tools to use for a side sweep hairstyle.

Tell your barber to leave your hair long and full on top and cut it short and tight on the sides. Make sure he uses the best tools.

Tell your barber you’ll wear your hair with a side parting. 

This is important. Your barber could cut your hair in order to help your hair part more easily. Also, know where you want to part it, as this will affect the cut.

You’ll need to pick up a small portion of hair on each side of your head to get the side sweep hairstyle. Don’t grab too much hair, or you will end up with a pouffy mess; instead, try picking up just a few strands at once. If there isn’t enough volume in your locks for this technique, consider using some product to add lift and volume before starting the process.

For instance: if your hair is fine and thinning slightly but not falling out yet (or if it hasn’t been cut since last summer), use an angled razor or trim scissors along the length of your head so that only one side gets trimmed down while leaving most other areas untouched until later when they fall out naturally anyway—this saves time later on.

To style, start by washing your hair with a Pankhurst styling conditioner to ensure that there’s no product residue. Then, take a small amount of Brylcreem and run it through your hair while it’s still damp. 

You also want to make sure that the direction of your locks is going in the right direction when applying styling conditioner because this will help set their shape for longer periods and prevent them from becoming flat again after being styled using something else (such as gel or mousse). If this isn’t done correctly, then all that work could end up being wasted because once again: moisture + heat = frizziness!

styled hair
A handsome man with a side sweep hairstyle.

Use A Comb

A comb is the most versatile tool you can use to create a side part. It can be used to lift the hair, smooth it out, and create a sharp line between your part and bangs.

The first step is to comb through your hair from top to bottom with a folding pocket comb. Then, pick up sections of hair at different lengths and create a parting on the left side of your head until there is an even line down (this will also help keep flyaways at bay).

Finally, brush back through all of this once more before using either fingers or a plastic cap to push any remaining pieces into place around your face as desired. Finally, comb back the sides of your hair behind your ears. Ta-da! – the instant side sweep hairstyle.

In a nutshell, here is what we mean:

Don’t over-style your hair, which means that you shouldn’t use too much gel or hair spray.

Make sure you don’t use too much wax, as this can make the sides of your head look heavy and unnatural.

Below are some famous celebrities pulling off the look.

  • As usual, Beckham’s got the look spot on. The top is long enough to slick the back, and the sides are short enough to keep it looking neat.
  • Actor Ryan Gosling sporting the look with a more defined parting.
  • Ideal for square-shaped faces, Leonardo DiCaprio’s slick back style is longer than the others.

The Side Sweep hairstyle is a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks great on any hair type, and it’s a great choice for men who want to look stylish without having to invest too much time into it. You can wear this style with your favorite casual clothes and still feel like you have just stepped out of the office!

This is a good option if you want long hair but want the look of an undercut haircut. The top hair may also be tied in a top knot, which is a variation on the man bun. Despite its unique variance from previous undercut versions, it has a lot of prospects. It is, however, not the finest hairdo for the workplace.

The best part about this style is that it works for men of all ages. So whether you are 18 or 60 years old, this kind of look will always get people talking about how handsomely dressed up you look, on whatever occasion brings them together (or not).

In Conclusion

For decades, men’s side sweep hairstyle has been a popular haircut. However, the side sweep hairstyle has lately been a fashionable men’s haircut that is adaptable, sophisticated, and contemporary. This one-of-a-kind undercut haircut blends short sides and back hair with longer hair on top. In addition, guys with a side part undercut brush their long ruffles and bangs to the side for a casual, stylish appearance.

Fortunately, side sweep hairstyles complement faded haircuts and may be worn by men with thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

The side sweep haircut is an easy hairstyle to do and one of the most popular men’s haircuts around. Using the right products and techniques, you can perform this haircut at home or in the barbershop. The key is to keep your hair dry, so make sure you don’t get it too wet before styling!

This is a perfect hairstyle for individuals who want to look effortlessly stylish without having to invest too much work into it. It will also be easy for you to maintain and style yourself when the need arises. In case you’re looking for a new look, then this could be the one.

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