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Men’s Hairstyle: How to get the Side Sweep

by nick

Need a haircut? Don’t know what style to go for? Why not opt for the latest trend in men’s hairstyling – the side sweep.

First made popular by American college boys in the 50’s and more recently revitalised by Mad Men character Don Draper, it’s the hottest hairstyle to be fashioned by the cool, sophisticated man.

The style

Features a close-cropped quiff and a low side parting that’s swept to the right with the sides of the hair slicked back behind the ears. The parting should be relaxed and undefined and the quiff should be kept low.

Here’s how to get the look:

You’ll need certain tools to create the perfect side sweep and there’s no cutting corners:

  • Folding pocket comb by Kent, £6. kentbrushes.com
  • Styling conditioner by Pankhurst, £15 pankhurstlondon.com
  • Brylcreem original by Brylcreem, £5, amazon.com

Tell your barber to leave your hair long and full on top and cut it short and tight on the sides. Tell your barber that you’ll be wearing your hair with a side parting. This is important. Your barber can cut your hair in order to help your hair part more easily. Also, know where you want to part it as this will affect the cut.

To style, start by washing your hair with Pankhurst styling conditioner to ensure that there’s no product residue. Take a small amount of Brylcreem and run it through your hair while it’s still damp. Take your comb and create a parting on the left side of your head. Create a soft quiff on the front of your hair and pull it diagonal of the face. Comb back the sides of your hair behind your ears. Ta-da! – the instant side sweep.

Below are some famous celebrities pulling off the look.


As usual, Beckham’s got the look spot on. The top is long enough to slick back and the sides are short enough to keep it looking neat.


Actor Ryan Gosling, sporting the look with a more defined parting.


Ideal for square shaped faces, Leonardo DiCaprio’s slick back style is longer than the others.

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