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130 Skills Every Man Should Know How To Do

by nick

A real man needs to know how to do real stuff. I have come up with a list of 130 essential skills, split into 15 different categories that I think every modern man should know how to do. I have also included links for further reading, just incase there are skills you haven’t acquired yet and would like to learn. Did I leave anything out – or included a skill that you don’t agree with? Share with us in the comments.

Teach Your Kids


1. Ride a bike
2. Cast a line
3. Parallel park
4. Build a snowman
5. Pitch a baseball
6. Stand up to bullies

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7. Cook a tasty meal
8. Clean your bachelor pad
9. Sew a button on your shirt
10. Carve a turkey
11. Barbecue
12. Brew home beer
13. Read an electric meter
14. Iron a shirt
15. Use chopsticks
16. Make a cocktail
17. Tie a knot
18. Wrap a gift
19. Remove blood stains
20. Make a bed
21. Sharpen a knife
22. Grill a steak
23. Open a stuck jar

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24. Hang a picture
25. Put up a shelf
26. Unclog a drain
27. Mix concrete
28. Use a tape measure
29. Use an axe
30. Use a sledge hammer
31. Set up a ladder
32. Replace a broken window
33. Build a shelter
34. Decorate a room
35. Fix a plug socket
36. Use a screwdriver
37. Use a handsaw
38. Unclog a toilet

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39. Drive a car
40. Drive in the snow
41. Change a flat tire
42. Antifreeze a car
43. Pump your own gas
44. Check your tire pressure
45. Jump start a car
46. Hitch up a trailer
47. Wash and wax a car

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48. Swim
49. Lift weights
50. Do push ups
51. Do pull ups

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52. Tie a necktie
53. Shine your shoes
54. Wet shave

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55. Talk to women
56. Approach women
57. Flirt with women
58. End a date
59. End a relationship
60. Make a woman orgasm
61. Make her squirt
62. Tell her what you want in bed
63. Dance with a woman

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64. Shake hands like a man
65. Handle an interview
66. Ask for a pay rise
67. Speak in public
68. Give a presentation
69. Budget money
70. Save money
71. Invest money
72. Haggle
73. Delegate
74. Negotiate
75. Manage time

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76. Build a blog
77. Operate a computer

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man skills socialising1

78. Maintain good eye contact
79. Deliver bad news
80. Remember names
81. Make a good first impression
82. Detect a lie
83. Give a compliment
84. Tell a joke
85. Dance socially
86. Make new friends
87. Be a respectful house guest

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88. Know how to fight
89. Throw a punch
90. Stand up for yourself
91. Chokehold
92. One inch punch

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93. Read a map
94. Speed read
95. Speak a foreign language
96. Memorize anything
97. Write a letter
98. Write a best mans speech

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99. Build a fire
100. Split fire wood
101. Grow your own vegetables
102. Use a Swiss army knife
103. Skip a boat
104. Use a compass
105. Fly a stunt kite
106. Climb a tree
107. Put out a fire
108. Fire a handgun
109. Shoot a rifle
110. Fell a tree
111. Light fireworks

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112. Perform basic first aid
113. Perform the Heimlich
114. Perform CPR
115. Treat hypothermia
116. Perform the fireman’s carry
117. Treat a burn
118. Treat a frost bite

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Pure Skills


119. Win at poker
120. Perform card tricks
121. Kick down a door
122. Hit a hole in one
123. Hit a bullseye
124. Bowl a strike
125. Land a plane
126. Play a guitar
127. Play the drums
128. Shuffle a deck of cards
129. Arm wrestle
130. Moonwalk

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