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How To Make Your Bachelor Pad Sex Friendly

by nick

As a man, you want to make your place as sex friendly as possible. A woman may really like you and decide to come back to your place, only to find things in your home that turns her off. To avoid this mishap, read some of my tips below that you may want to consider for those times you pick up women and bring them back to your place.

Have A Decent Sized Bed

If you have a single or a double-sized bed, then its time to invest in a bigger one. Queen-sized beds are usually big enough for two average sized adults. If you’re a big man or like fat women then you may want to consider a king sized bed.

Keep Your Sheets Clean

Women will notice your sheets and pillowcases. Make sure they’re clean, stain-free and smell pleasant.

Adjust The Room Temperature

Women are quite sensitive to temperature so you need to be prepared for them to be too hot or cold. If she is too warm, make sure you have a powerful fan handy if you don’t have air conditioning. If she is too cold, have an extra blanket ready.

Have Some Entertainment

Have an entertainment system set up in your room. The essentials include a large TV, DVD and CD player. This gives her a reason to stay longer. Make sure you have a few DVDs handy that women like, but not chick flicks, so at least you can enjoy watching it too.

Have Some Clothes For Her

Women enjoy sleeping in men’s clothes so have an extra shirt and boxers ready for her to wear if she needs them.

Make Sure Your Place Smells Pleasant

Women have a better sense of smell compared to men. So if you think something smells bad then it is likely she will think it smells even worse. Keep any shoes and dirty laundry out of the bedroom and use a plug-in air freshener to keep your place smelling good.

Set The Mood With Music

Make sure you have a few CD’s to hand that you can put on at the right moment to set the mood. Although peoples taste in music varies, be sure to have music with melodic bass and wispy vocals.

Adjust The Lighting

To create a sexual setting, dim the lights in the room. If you don’t have dimmable lights use candles instead.

Have Alcohol Available

It’s always a good idea to have some alcohol handy. Wine, champagne and vodka with mixers are all safe options.

Clean Your Bathroom

You need to keep your bathroom reasonably clean. Have at least two clean towels, a hand towel, soap, an unopened toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Get rid of any skid marks down the toilet or hair in the bath.

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