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How To Increase Your Confidence Overnight

by nick

Successful men are confident. People are attracted to men that project confidence, especially women. Unfortunately, many men these days completely lack confidence. Some, walk around with their head down, others confuse confidence with their cocky charisma.

Confidence is quiet; it’s natural. But when a man walks into a room who has obtained this confidence, everyone can feel it.

The steps below will get you on the right track to becoming more confident. Put them into practice and you’ll see results quickly, literally overnight!

Improve Your appearance

It’s surprising how many men fail to take time for proper grooming and dressing. Does this mean you have to spend hour’s everyday in front of the mirror and spend a fortune on toiletries? No. It does mean you need to schedule 15-20 minutes every morning for a basic grooming routine and learn how to dress appropriately. Shower and shave everyday. Brush your teeth and tongue. Use a deodorant. Apply your favourite fragrance. Run a comb through your hair. These things are simple, but a lot of men fail to do them.

Also, take time to actually dress yourself in the morning. Wearing a baggy t-shirt and stained jeans, doesn’t portray a man who is confident. A good rule of thumb is to dress so you wouldn’t be embarrassed if you bumped into a friend or a hot woman.

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Learn a New Skill

Confident men are always learning new skills. Learning new skills demonstrates to yourself that you’re capable to adapting to anything that life throws at you. There are thousands of skills a man can learn. Read 130 Skills Every Man Should Know. Find one that you have always wanted to learn and just do it. Always wanted to know how to fight? Call a martial arts class and sign up.

Set Goals

Confident men set goals and meet them. Goals are promises that we make to ourselves. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself then how can you have any confidence in yourself? Start by making and keeping a small goal today that you can accomplish. If you’re always late for work, make a goal to wake up earlier and be in on time. If you feel unorganized, make a goal to plan your day out and do it. Setting and achieving your goals will start to increase your confidence. As your confidence increases, you’ll be able to set and achieve even bigger goals, thus increasing your confidence even more. It’s a cycle that will continue to progress, but it all starts by setting small goals.


Building lean muscle and losing body fat will boost your confidence. You will feel healthier, fitter and more attractive. You don’t need to spend hours down the gym, seven days a week.  A simple 30-45 minute workout routine, three to four days a week will be enough to build a lean muscular body.

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Take Note of Your Past Success

Sit down and think back to moments in your life when you have been successful. They don’t have to be massive successes. Remembering past successes will be a reminder that you have achieved things and that you’re not a complete failure. Realising this will breed the confidence needed to take on new tasks. Note down a list of your past successes. When you need a confidence boost, look at your notes.

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