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When Does a Healthy Ego Turn Into Egocentricity?

by nick

In today’s competitive society, men need to cultivate healthy egos to survive in order to successful. A man who is confident in his abilities and is capable of presenting himself well to others can use these assets to go far and live a happy life. Men who cultivate inner strength are able to negotiate confidently with others, take charge when needed, and feel calm and in control in stressful situations. The ‘ego’ can be defined as ‘the conscious thinking self’, so the question of ‘what is the ego?’ is really the question of ‘what is the conscious thinking self?’(http://www.worldtransformation.com/ego)

Too much positive self-regard or conscious pre-occupation with oneself has a dark side, however. An unchecked ego can lead to an egocentric man who feels on top of his game but who is in reality spinning out of control. Confidence can turn to megalomania if a man becomes so conscious and focused on his own greatness that he becomes unable to focus on anything else.

For example, being confident that you’re the right man for the job is great, but only if you really are the best man for the job. Narcissistic people often over-value their own abilities and talents. They also tend to react badly if anyone suggests that they’re not the best man for the job after all. Their huge ego is a thin skin over a very fragile frame. Confidence helps a man get the job done. Over-confidence and an inability to accept critique is not only insufferable, but damages a man’s ability to grow and mature.

Showcasing one’s abilities is also a valuable talent. If you’re so focused on yourself that you can’t share the spotlight or pay attention to other people’s accomplishments that can be a problem. The narcissist feels incredibly jealous not only of other people’s time and attention, but also can’t admit that others might have accomplishments and value of their own. This can get so out of control that the egocentric man can feel hurt and rejected simply because someone else is getting a little praise and attention. It makes it very hard to maintain good relationships with other people when you’re hogging all the attention and feeling jealous.

One warning sign that a healthy ego is starting to veer off into the self-involved territory is when other people start looking less like friends and acquaintances and more like tools to help one get ahead. The confident, ambitious man makes contacts and practices his networking skills. A megalomaniac takes advantage of other people and doesn’t feel any need to return the favor, or any empathy for anyone’s hurt feelings over being used. He’ll tell himself that successful men need to be tough and that it’s okay to run over anyone who gets in the way when you’re as important as he is.

A man with a healthy ego knows his own worth but doesn’t over-value himself or his abilities. He’s confident enough to be able to take criticism, decide whether it’s warranted and helpful. He can use advice to improve himself as needed. He’s not afraid to showcase himself and his talents, but there’s room on his stage for other people. He’ll utilize his networks and social capital, but he doesn’t need to trample other people to get what he wants. He’s secure enough to give others their due. A healthy ego avoids the trap of believing too much of his own hype.

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