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Ending a relationship can be very difficult. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives. The feelings of awkwardness, hurt, disappointment and the reality of being single again can often be too much to bare. It can be easier to sit back and continue with your relationship. However this solves nothing and doesn’t do anyone any favours. No one likes a break-up, but sometimes its necessary and a life skill that every man should know how to carry out.

The following are some guidelines to follow if you need to end a relationship. These guidelines will help you end a relationship like a man showing dignity and respect rather than cowardice.

Talk About Any Issues In Your Relationship Early And Often

Communication is important in a relationship. The time of break-up shouldn’t be the first time she is made aware that you have issues. So instead of sitting back and staying silent when things are going wrong and letting such issues build up, bring up any problems you have with her as they come along. Conflict can be difficult for some, but she deserves to know how you feel and where things are going wrong. Alpha males aren’t scared to clearly communicate grievances when its needed.

If your relationship needs to end, at least you’re able to define reasons why it’s not working and state a strong case.

End It In Person

Technology has made it easier to end relationships in various ways. Never end a relationship over the phone, by email or by text message. It’s a cowardly way to finish things and it isn’t fair on her.

Arrange a time and place to meet and discuss why you feel the relationship needs to end. Give her your full attention so no checking texts, emails or answering phone calls whilst in discussion. It will be awkward and uneasy but an alpha male will give the basic respect that comes with a face-to-face discussion.

Be Clear And Concise

Your partner will want reasons why you want to end the relationship, so be ready to explain. Saying something like, ‘I just don’t want to be with you anymore,’ is a cowardly reason. It’s not a time to be vague. You don’t need a whole list of wrongs at the ready, but a list in your head of things that have led you down the road to making this decision.

If your partner walks away at the end of the conversation and is still unsure where the relationship stands then you haven’t handled the break up properly. An alpha male will end a relationship in a way that she understands why things ended. She may not agree, but she isn’t left confused.

Be Caring

While you need to be clear and concise, you don’t have to be cruel. Telling her that you’re breaking up with her is hard enough without being humiliated in the process. It’s not a time to tell her that she has put on weight.

Unless the relationship was completely awful from start to finish, try pointing out some positive things that come out of the relationship.

Don’t Leave Her Feeling Uncertain

Is it over? Is it not? Men often leave the relationship with the indication that things may work out in the future. Saying, ‘ just not right now,’ may seem a kinder way of breaking up, but it is actually nasty and isn’t giving her a clear indication of your feelings.

If you don’t see your relationship going any further then tell her and make sure she understands that there is no chance of you both getting back together. It’s harsh but fair. If you’re not clear, then she may think that you just want a break and once you’ve had a think you’ll come back to her. She will wait around for you whilst all you want to do is cut all ties and move on with your life. Be fair and tell her that it’s finished so you can both move on.

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