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How To Be An Alpha Male In A Relationship

by nick

When it comes to relationships, most men don’t have a clue how to remain the dominant person. They let the woman take the lead and make the decisions. This is exactly what women hate. Women want the man to take charge. In this post I am going to teach you how to be the alpha male in a relationship.

Relationship Advice For The Alpha Male


When I first started dating, I made lots of mistakes. I called and text women constantly, showered her with gifts, and let her decide what to do on dates. Basically, anything she wanted I would do for her.

My girlfriends would soon lose interest and grow bored of me. I got dumped a few times and even cheated on once. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I kept asking myself, why is she not happy when I am doing anything she wants? It took me a while to work out, but I was basically being a pushover.


Be The Leader

Women don’t want a nice guy that does everything she wants – they want an alpha male. The alpha male is the leader of a group. Leaders are naturally dominant, more confident and therefore more attractive. To be the leader in a relationship you need to:

  • Constantly make decisions and guide her through the relationship instead of the other way around.
  • Learn to say the word ‘No,’ more often. Start doing things that you want to do and she’ll respect you a lot more for it.

Be Dominant

As an alpha male, you need to remain the dominant one in the relationship. The best way to do this is to:

  • Reward her good behaviour. Give her your attention when she does something good.
  • Punish her bad behaviour. Withdraw your attention when she does something bad.

Most men will reward her bad behaviour by giving her attention. This is a big mistake. If you only reward her for good behaviour and not for bad, she will soon learn that this is the only time you will give her attention. If you’re consistent then her bad behaviour will eventually go away.

The most effective way to do this is to have her think that if she behaves badly, you will walk out at any given moment. This doesn’t mean you actually will, but if she believes that you would, she will know that she has to work hard to keep you.

Avoid Beta Male Traits


You need to avoid the common beta male traits that a lot of men display in a relationship. This includes the following:

  • Telling lies. Serious lies can cause more harm than good. They are deceitful and you always get found out eventually. An alpha male knows this so doesn’t lie. He is honest and always does what’s right. He takes responsibility for his actions.
  • Being a bully. A bully will pick on people he considers weaker than him, including his woman. This is due to the bully’s own insecurities. An alpha male doesn’t have to bully his girlfriend to make himself feel better.
  • Never apologising. A beta male will never apologies and admit that he was wrong. If an alpha male does something wrong in a relationship, he will admit it and apologise.
  • Getting jealous. A beta male will get jealous easily when his woman is talking to another man. An alpha male isn’t insecure and doesn’t get jealous. Read my post How To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship.

To learn more about beta male traits, ready my posts 30 Beta Male Traits To Avoid and 10 Signs You Are A Beta Male.

Show Respect


Do not argue with her or insult her in anyway. Make her feel like you are there to protect her. Be the stronger man. Do this by;

  • Opening doors for her.
  • Walking on the side closer to the road when your with her.
  • Being a gentleman.

Respect yourself and then she will respect you!

Be A Challenge


Women like their men to be a challenge in a relationship. To be a challenge you need to:

  • Show her enough interest to make her miss you.
  • Give her enough space so she wonders what you are doing.
  • Never feel like you have to explain yourself to her.
  • Let her chase you.
  • Not call her all the time.
  • Let her think that she cares more about the relationship than you do.
  • Don’t agree with everything she says.

Be Unpredictable

Women like men that they can’t predict. To keep her interest levels high surprise her occasionally with small gifts. Make sure they aren’t expensive otherwise you will become less of a challenge. Put some time and thought into your gift. Listen out for things she says she likes when you are out with her for ideas. She may talk about a movie she enjoys, so the gift could be a DVD of that movie for example. Pick random days each month to give her a gift, go on a trip or go to dinner.

If you are predictable, the relationship will come to a shuddering stop. Women like relationships to be spontaneous.

Become the Ultimate Alpha Male

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Have Your Own Life

Whatever you do, make sure you never spend 100% of your time with your girlfriend. Balancing your time between your girlfriend and friends is a must. As an alpha male you have other interests in your life that won’t involve her.

To Your Success!

Steve Harold

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