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How To Deal With A Break Up Like An Alpha Male

by nick

Breaking up with your partner is a hard and an emotional experience. Whether the break-up is mutual or one sided, any serious relationship that ends will leave one or both people heartbroken. Luckily, the upset can be bearable if you can man up and learn to deal with it like an alpha male. If she finishes the relationship then follow the guidelines below.

Leading To The Split Up

In any relationship that is on the verge of falling apart, there will be at least one person that will realise that it isnt working out anymore. Whether its a short relationship or one of many years, there’s always a path to break up. Below are some tips on handling this period.

  • Don’t break up with her just to avoid being dumped. You might regret it and end something that could be saved.
  • Don’t try to change your behaviour and act differently without knowing what the problem is as it will make things more awkward.
  • Don’t start dating other women and pretend the relationship is over. If you want to end the relationship, then end it. If she ends it with you then its over. Until then you still need to be faithful.
  • Talk to her about the situation. It may end the relationship quicker but that’s a good thing. At least you know where you both stand. If it’s going to happen then the sooner the better.

Breaking Up

This is when you want to ask questions and find out why you are breaking up. Its better to ask now instead of wondering why the relationship ended at a later date. You will also want to find out what she is thinking just in case it is something you can both work at and fix.

You need to keep your dignity when faced with a break up. Being weak and crying your heart out wont win her back. Neither will being aggressive and abusive. Keep your head held high by showing her respect and respect for yourself. If you want to try and save the relationship, be reasonable. Don’t give into her demands if you don’t agree with them. By agreeing to do something that you’re not comfortable with to save the relationship will only bring up problems at a later date. Keep your dignity!

After The Break Up

It may take you weeks, it may take you months to get over a break-up. You’ll be better when you’re better. Remember that it’s over and keep in mind the following.

  • Your friends and family are there for you. Don’t be afraid about telling them how you feel. If you need some company, hang out with them.
  • Keep yourself busy. This will help you take your mind off it. Go to the gym or start a new hobby or project.
  • Don’t look for pity. This will not make you feel better and will only bring down others around you.
  • Avoid your ex. Delete her number and get rid of any photos around the house. When you’re ready to see her next you will know.
  • Don’t do anything stupid. This will not win her back. Don’t have a fight with someone she’s now dating, or try to get revenge by hitting on her best mate.
  • Don’t stalk her. Stay away from her house, Facebook and emails. It’s unhealthy and will create more problems.
  • Embark in self improvement. Go to the gym, improve your diet, and take up a hobby. You will feel better about yourself and build yourself up quicker.

Life will go on and there is plenty more fish in the sea. You will find someone else and things will get better. Have respect for yourself and keep your head held high.

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