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How to Groom Your Eyebrows

by nick

Maintaining your eyebrows is not restricted to women only. While you don’t want thin, feminine eyebrows, you still need to keep them neat and tidy. So if your eyebrows are unruly and you’ve got a caterpillar nestling above your eyes; it’s time for some manly eyebrow grooming. Here are some common methods for maintaining your eyebrows:


Leave this to a professional. Although, you can buy a do it yourself home kit, but at your own risk – it’s better to be safe than sorry.


A lot of top barber shops offer this service, as well as beauty salons. A line of hair is trapped between twisted double strands of cotton thread, before being removed rapidly.


After a professional shape, maintain your eyebrows using tweezers. Start by investing in the right kit. Good tweezers will have contact between both sides, and will not pull hair from the root. Remove one hair at a time by working in the direction of hair growth. Start on the underside of the brow and make your way along to the outer side. Like when you shave your face, it’s better to do this after a shower or bath as your pores will be open, making tweezing easier and pain free. Be careful not to tweeze too often as this can create a type of male-pattern baldness in your eyebrows – over plucked eyebrows isn’t a good look!


As we get older, a lot of men develop a few stray hairs on their brow. All you need is a steady hand and a sharp pair of small scissors. Comb your brow to locate the stray hairs and trim in the direction of hair growth.

Finally, don’t shave your eyebrows

Attacking your eyebrows with a disposable razor is never a good idea and it’s not a quick fix. Once you shave them, they’ll grow back darker and more vigorously. Your hair will look thicker because the ends are no longer naturally tapered but blunt. Shaving may also cause the hairs to grow out in odd messy directions.

Why shape your eyebrows?

Changing the shape of your eyebrows can change the way your face looks. Round faces will suit more curved eyebrows, whilst longer, thinner faces will suit wider straighter eyebrows. Remember to keep your eyebrows masculine and thick. Aim for them to look as natural as possible. Over shaping them will only make you look girly and very metrosexual.

Maintaining different types of eyebrows

If you have really bushy eyebrows, you might want to consider having your brows waxed professionally to get the exact shape you want. To maintain your look you can tweeze the strays as they grow.

Unibrows are very unattractive and enough to turn most women off. As stated above, it’s highly recommended that you do not shave it if you’re thinking of maintaining it yourself at home. A better option would be to buy yourself a nice pair of tweezers. There are tweezers available that are specifically designed for tweezing eyebrows. They cost a bit more than normal tweezers but make the experience easier and less painful. Wash your face to remove dirt and excess oil before you pluck, as it’ll make it easier for the hairs to come out. Make sure you pluck the hair in the direction that it grows.

If your eyebrows are relatively normal, you’ll only need to take a few steps to make them look better. First, brush your eyebrows up from the bottom to groom and shape. You should see some stray hairs that lie outside of the eyebrows natural shape. Tweeze those hairs, one at a time. After, use scissors to help control your brow length by trimming in the direction of hair growth.

If you don’t want to maintain your eyebrows yourself, consider getting them professionally waxed or threaded. Threading gives you a better result compared to waxing or plucking because it pulls the entire row of hair from the follicles to achieve a more defined line of hair and shape.

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