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The Handsome Factor Review

by nick


Your appearance and confidence go hand-in-hand  – enhancing your appearance, will boost your confidence. Mark Belmont’s The Handsome Factor teaches you how to better your looks, that’ll not only improve your confidence with women, but in many other areas of your life.

The Handsome Factor provides a platform in which you can reinvent yourself. Your physical appearance plays an important role when attracting women; your personal hygiene, your fitness and diet, your regular grooming routine, your dress sense and style. All of these factors contribute to one of the main traits that women love – confidence. So, not only will this eBook make you look and feel better within yourself, it’ll help you feel more positive towards life in general.

My Honest Opinion

When I first heard about The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System, I was a bit sceptical on how it could actually help me. I mean, I’ve never really been insecure about my looks, and I’ve never really thought about seeking advice on how to improve my appearance. What else was there to learn that I didn’t already know?

It turned out that there was a lot that I didn’t know and I definitely had a lot to learn.

The Handsome Factor is a very useful program that every single guy will benefit from, regardless of their current appearance, and level of confidence. Mark Belmont’s Program consists of several components:

  • 241 Page ‘The Handsome Factor e-Book
  • Unlimited Free Premium Book Updates
  • Grooming & Style Mistakes Audio Course
  • One Month of Personal Email Coaching
  • 10 Laws of Sexual Attraction e-Book
  • Complete No-Fail Body Makeover e-Book
  • Body Transformation Tracker Software

Firstly The Handsome Factor e-Book is impressive; it’s really well presented and very professional in its layout and format. After reading the first few pages, it becomes clear that Mark is a very talented writer and that he knows what he’s talking about.

The e-book is organised into a number of chapters, each covering a specific topic. It ranges from crucial topics such as hygiene, grooming, body hair and skin care to weight loss and muscle building. It also includes several chapters discussing hairstyle, fashion and clothing.

One of the main advantages of this book is that all its content is backed by research – each topic is presented in a logical, scientific manner. It also includes real life examples, pictures and diagrams that make it simple to understand.

Best of all, Mark’s program doesn’t involve any surgery or expensive procedures. It’s an all-natural transformation system that doesn’t require you to spend lots of money – he even outlines money-saving techniques.

Mark also includes unlimited access to book updates, meaning you’ll only have to purchase this e-book once, and you will receive a lifetime membership of style, grooming and fashion advice.

In addition to the main e-book, you’ll also receive a 3-part audio course which outlines lots of grooming & style mistakes that men make. It’s professionally recorded and provides a number of useful tips beyond the main e-book.

One of the most beneficial components is Mark’ personal email coaching offer. Mark encourages you to send in a picture of yourself, so that you can receive custom feedback based on your photo. You can also email him any questions you have about your appearance, and you’ll receive a detailed, personalized response.

The Handsome Factor Program also includes three bonus items. The first bonus is an e-book called, Complete No-Fail Body Makeover. This excellent e-book is actually split into three separate e-books. One explains how to build muscle, one covers fat loss, and one lists lots of healthy recipes.

The other two bonuses are not as great, but will still be useful for most men. The first is a piece of software called the Body Transformation Tracker, that allows you to track your fitness progress. The second is an e-book called 10 Laws of Sexual Attraction by Derek Lamont that provides an introduction to attracting and seducing women.


If you want to improve your appearance and gain confidence, then I can guarantee that this program will help you do just that – even if you’re fairly handsome to being with.

Whilst we’re on the topic of guarantee, Mark offers an 60-day money-back guarantee – although I doubt many men will be asking for a refund, because this is a brilliant program.

For more information about The Handsome Factor Transformation System, simply Click Here to Try it Now! On Mark Belmont’s website you can also check out some great testimonials and before/after photos that have been submitted by previous customers.

Also, Mark is so confident in his Transformation System that he is currently offering a $1 Risk Free Trial, where you can try the entire program FREE for a full 21 days!

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