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How to Trim Your Nose Hair

by nick

As a man gets older, overgrown nose hairs can become a problem. Although nose hairs have a purpose; once they begin to shoot out of your nostrils, it’s time to start trimming.

Visible nose hairs are unsightly and often overlooked, so to maintain a well-groomed appearance make sure you follow these tips on trimming unwanted nose hair.

Methods of Trimming Nose Hair

You can trim your nose hair using scissors, tweezers or nose hair trimmers. Most men attempt to cut away visible nose hair using scissors, but an unsteady hand may lead to nicking or cutting the nose membrane. Plucking nose hair with tweezers is another option; however this can be painful and cause ingrown hairs. Electric nose hair trimmers are probably the safest and most effective way to remove unwanted nose hairs quickly and it’s the method that I recommend.

Maintaining Your Nose Hair

Clean your nose before trimming. Before you begin trimming your nose hair, it is important to clean your nose out thoroughly. Blow your nose and wipe away any residue around the lower nostrils where the hair is growing. Then use a Q-tip to help remove any dirt or debris that may be in your nostrils and help free up the hairs from your nasal cavity.

Use a magnified mirror. For a more effective trim, use a magnified lighted mirror.

Insert your nose hair trimmer. Turn it on and insert the nose hair trimmer. Start trimming the lower hairs first, and continue to trim until you can no longer see any nose hairs when you look face on into the mirror. Angle the nose hair trimmer to trim the hard to reach areas at the very edge of your nostril at the centre of your nose.

Take a break. It’s common for you to feel the urge to sneeze whenever you’re trimming nose hairs so take a break for a few seconds to reduce the sneezing reflex.

Do not trim all of your nose hair. Nose hair offers a form of protection against harmful particles and germs that travel into the body through the air. So, if you over trim your nose hair, you’ll increase the risk of infections and colds. Only trim the nose hair that’s hanging out of the nose, leaving the remaining nose hair as a barrier for protection.

Use your trimmer for overgrown ear hair. Most nose hair trimmers are designed to trim your ear hairs as well. Your ears also need to be kept tidy and properly groomed to ensure that you look your best.

Recommended Nose Hair Trimmer

I recommend and use the Remington NE3450 Nose and Ear Trimmer which is great at trimming both ear and nose hair. This battery operated trimmer uses a rotary cutting system with long lasting ceramic-coated blades that’s both safe and comfortable to use. Using this device twice a week will keep any unwanted hairs out of sight.

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