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Should You Grow a Beard?

by nick

A beard can completely change a man’s image and look. Whether it is some grizzly facial hair befitting a lumberjack or some stylish permanent five o’clock shadow, growing a beard can be a surprising test of dedication and commitment. It can take weeks, even months, to get the style that you want, and even then it will need grooming and maintenance. However, it can be a great way for men to get a new look and accentuate their features.

Who Can Pull It Off

It may sound mean, but growing a beard is a manly pursuit. Unless you can grow proper, consistent facial hair, attempting to grow a beard is a definite no. A thin, wispy beard will make you look scruffy, and a patchy neck beard is not a good look. For those who can grow a beard, they can suit all different types of men. If you are quite large or conscious of your looks, you might enjoy the comfort of a beard. However, thin men with gaunt features may find that a beard will help soften their look. Of course, if you just plain don’t like shaving, a beard can easily take care of that nuisance.
Growing a beard really depends on the individual. Some suit it and some don’t. But you won’t know unless you try.

How To Maintain A Beard

Most men will find that the first few weeks of growth are uncomfortable, especially if you shave regularly. The hair growth can feel itchy and annoying, but persistence is the key. Hair conditioner will help soothe the itching sensation if it gets too bad. Don’t shave or cut your facial hair for at least four weeks, as you might trim too much off. Also, you’ll probably find that some parts of your hair will grow through thicker and faster than other patches, and trimming it down may result in an uneven beard.

When you have your facial hair at a suitable length, it’s time to shape your beard. Start on the neck first, and shave back the beard so it only comes past your jaw line by an inch or two. Most people choose to leave the cheek line, as it is difficult to shape symmetrically and it can look unnatural and too straight. Use an electric beard trimmer to shape and trim the length of your facial hair, as it is easier to get the right length than with just a pair of scissors. A beard comb is very useful too, especially for straightening out the moustache area. Use the same shampoo that you normally use on your hair on your beard to keep it soft and stop it from being irritating.

Had Enough? Shave It Off

If you get tired of the fuzzy look, it’s easy to shave off. Use your trimmer to shorten the hair as much as possible. When it’s back to stubble length, lather your face properly and shave the rest. Don’t go against the grain or shave too close as your skin will be much more sensitive. Rinse your face in cold water to close the pores, use good skin care products and moisturisers on your face afterwards to protect your skin.

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