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Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review: Skinny to Jacked Transformation System

by nick


Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets is a muscle building system created especially for hardgainers. Some guys find it difficult to gain weight and build muscle, no matter how hard they try. If you’re one of those people who have tried lots of different workout routines, supplements and diet plans but just won’t build muscle, then this program has been specifically designed for you.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of men who spend hours in the gym each week, and waste hundreds of dollars on weight gain supplements each year – all to no avail. If this sounds like you then you must read Muscle Gaining Secrets!

My Honest Opinion

I’ve been reading Jason Ferrugia’s work for a few years now and I can honestly say that he is one of the smartest guys when it comes to building muscle.

Jason is a strength and conditioning specialist and is considered one of the top coaches in the country when it comes to building muscle. His articles have featured in top health and fitness publications including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and MMA Sports, among others. Knowing that you’re reading material that’s written by someone who knows what he’s talking about is a huge advantage. Plus, what gives this system more weight is that Jason himself is a hardgainer. When he left high school, Jason weighed in at 147lbs. He now weighs around 235lbs.  Jason discovered the secrets to what really gets skinny guys to build muscle and now he’s sharing those secrets with you in his eBook.

But how did this help me? Well, when I first started training I weighed in at a measly 160lbs. After years of lifting weights I only managed to increase my weight to 170lbs. I obviously wasn’t doing something right, so I decided to give Muscle Gaining Secrets a try. And I’m glad I did.  After using his muscle building system, I now weigh in at hefty 200lbs and I’m still gaining each and every week.

So how will Jason’s system help you? If you’re a skinny guy that finds it hard to build muscle and get big, Muscle Gaining Secrets will help you accomplish your muscle building goals. Generic programs simply don’t work for hardgainers and it is for that reason alone, why you need a system, specifically tailored towards the needs of skinny guys. And in my honest opinion, you won’t find a system for hardgainers that’s better than the Muscle Gaining Secrets Program.

Now, I said I’d give an honest review of the program so here it is…

What I don’t like about Muscle Gaining Secrets

Only two pictures used to demonstrate each exercise. Some exercises like the deadlift cannot be described to a beginner in two pictures. I feel a video section for some exercises would have been beneficial.

What I do like about Muscle Gaining Secrets

It’s easy to understand. All your workouts and diet plans have already been created for you and are laid out in an easy to understand format. There are no complicated formulas or charts and you’ll always know what to eat and what exercises to do.

He focuses on compound lifts. If you’ve read our article The Truth About Coupound and Isolated Exersices you’ll know that lifts such as bench press, squats and deadlift, work more than one muscle at a time. A lot of muscle building programs focus on exercises such as bicep curls, which is a waste of time for someone who’s skinny and wanting to pack on muscle.

You only need to work out 3 times per week. With a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to find the time to workout 5-6 times a week like some programs suggest. As you’re workout routine focuses on compound lifts, there’s no need to lift on a daily basis. Plus, each training session only lasts up to 45 minutes.

Your nutrition plan is already set up for you. Not only does the program work at your fitness, it also includes all the necessary nutritional information required when it comes to gaining muscle mass. Eating the right amount of calories is essential. You can lift all you want but if you’re not eating enough calories, you won’t build muscle. Jason highlights this and details quality meals that you can easily make that’ll help feed the muscle.

Explains reps, sets and recovery in detail. I was confused when it came to how many reps, sets and recovery periods until I read this eBook. Jason covers this in detail and explains it in an easy to understand manner.

There are workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. The training program is set out in three levels. Once you’ve completed the beginner’s level, you move onto the intermediate and from there, onto the advanced level – meaning that the program grows with you and you’ll be achieving the most muscle gain.

What Comes with Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is a 197 page eBook. Once you’ve ordered it, it will be emailed to you and ready to read within seconds.

This is what you get for your money:

  • The Training Manual. A complete guide on how skinny people can gain both weight and muscle. Scientifically proven but easy to understand.
  • The Exercise Database. Detailed database of exercises which shows you how to perform each exercise properly.
  • Nutrition Guide and Meal Plans. A very important guide that tells you how to fuel your body in the correct manner to build muscle. Specifically designed to help you build muscle and lose body fat at the same time.
  • Workout Log Sheets. Printable sheets that you can take to the gym with you and help track your progress.
  • The Supplement Report. Explains what supplements work and ones that you should avoid like the plague.
  • 10 Minute Recipe Guide. For when you’ve not got much time to prepare a meal, this guide provides you with quick healthy recipes you can make in minutes.
  • Growth Tracker Software. Simple and easy to use software that tracks your progress. A great way to keep you motivated.
  • 60 Minute Audio Course. A quick start audio course with Jason where he talks about his secrets to building muscle.
  • Private Membership. Online subscription to his forum, which allows you to ask questions to Jason and his staff, and gain support from thousands of other like-minded hardgainers.


I really wish Muscle Gaining Secrets had been available when I first started out at the gym. I’ve read through a number of muscle building eBooks, such as Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs, and I think Muscle Gaining Secrets produces the best results for skinny guys that want to pack on muscle.

Muscle Gaining Secrets has a 100% money back guarantee. Meaning if you don’t like the eBook for any reason, Jason will refund your money within 48 hours.  So you have nothing to lose.

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