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The Ultimate Bachelor Pad Guide

by nick

It’s probably every young man’s dream to own his own Bachelor Pad. During the 50’s and 60’s a Bachelor Pad was considered the ultimate possession for a young successful man – something that is still relevant today.

So if you’re single, live on your own and want to impress your friends and more importantly the ladies – you must read on!

What Is the “Bachelor Pad?”

The bachelor pad can be defined as a place where a single young man lives alone. Whether it’s a flat, an apartment, or a house – his pad is a place where he can relax, socialize and entertain. For the purpose of this post, the bachelor pad is not messy or dirty as sometimes stereotyped, but rather a clean, contemporary living space.

What Does a Bachelor Pad Require?

Designing the bachelor pad that you want is very personal. We have come up with three simple design rules to keep in mind when purchasing pieces and organising your living space.

Quality – Buy furniture that is built to last. Current manufacturing standards tend to be quite poor compared to the standards of previous generations. Furniture that was once manufactured to high standards is now made in foreign countries using cheap labour and materials.

Look to see how the wood is joined together. A lot of furniture is made with chip board or other cheap materials that easily break apart. Buy hardwood furniture that’s solid and robust. Although you may pay more money, taking the quality into account will ensure the furniture you purchase will last a long time.

Comfort– All good furniture has been designed with both appearance and purpose in mind. A piece of furniture may look good but is it comfortable? Ensure that before you purchase a chair or bed, that you test each piece with comfort in mind.

Personality –  Your bachelor pad should reveal your personality. From the décor and the furniture; to your art and CD collection, everything requires a personal touch that’ll make your bachelor pad unique and different from the rest.

Decorating Your Bachelor Pad

Wall Décor – A new coat of paint and a change of colour can make your place feel brand new as it’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room.

Lighter colours make a place look bigger while darker colours can have the opposite effect. Experiment with different colours. While neutrals such as white or egg shell are safer options, try softer shades such as cappuccino or sage green that are gaining in popularity.

Lighting – To show off your bachelor pad, add some lighting. If you’re able to rewire your homes lighting structure, then install recessed lighting or track lighting. If not, simply adding some floor and table lamps can make your place feel open and larger than it actually may be.

Flooring – Vacuuming or cleaning stains from carpets isn’t a man’s idea of fun – especially after throwing a house party. Therefore the best type as an alternative to carpet is laminated flooring. It’s durable, hard wearing, easy to clean and can come in various colours and textures to add personality to a room.

What Do I need in my Bachelor Pad?


Your bachelor pad needs to be entertaining – Not only for occupying yourself, but for your mates and the ladies. So at a minimum you need the following:

A Big Screen TV

Whether it’s watching the big match or watching the latest blockbuster, every man needs a big screen TV and every bachelor pad should have one. We recommend at least a 50 inch television. If you can fit a bigger TV in your place – go for it, but nothing smaller.


If you like your 3D movies, cinema style, then this 3D TV is for you. The LG Full LED Infinia LX9900 series is a whole new type of TV offering the ultimate in home entertainment with sublime picture quality, ultra slim single layer Infinia design and more eco friendly features. You’ll also have access to your favourite internet content such as youtube as well as being 3D Ready – the LX9900 Infinia TV series from LG will take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Sound System

To complement your big screen TV, a state-of-the-art sound system is a must. A good sound system will occupy a minimal amount of space whilst providing maximum sound. Providing your living room with surround sound is always a good choice.


A premium entertainment system needs a standout design that delivers impact. The swivel head speaker unit found with the Blu-ray Home Entertainment System delivers a whole new dimension in performance and style. It adds a contemporary edge to any home and will certainly turn heads. Also, the Slim, Symmetrical and Slot-in design, with new built-in lighting effect, Emotional Touch for effortless control and finished materials, screams quality. It creates an atmosphere that is comfortable, inspiring and very enjoyable.

Games Console 

An entertainment system will never be complete without a games console. Have a variety of games that’ll suit every type of guest.


Sofa – Large, soft and comfortable. Your sofa is the main feature of the living room. Leather sofas look stylish and are easy to clean. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time watching TV, listening to music and relaxing.

Coffee table – A stylish coffee table is just as important as the sofa that sits opposite it. Trendy coffee tables can range from a wood and steel combination, to tables made purely of cast iron and steel. Just make sure the coffee table goes with the rest of the décor.

Recliner – A man’s best friend after a hard day’s work. No need for expense here. The only must is comfort when it comes to recliners.

King size bed – You spend up to a third of your life asleep so there’s no excuse not to invest in a big comfy bed – and a king size allows enough space for you and your guest to sprawl out and have some fun.

Essential Additions

Mini bar – You should have a bar area off your kitchen or living room. It should be well stocked with all the essentials, with a selection of wine, beer, champagne and cocktail glasses, mixer sets and drink recipe books.

Wine rack –To complete your mini bar, buy a pre-built refrigerated wine cabinet and beverage centre to cool bottles of bubbly and other alcoholic drinks.

Wine – You should have at least a few good bottles of wine available. Both women and men enjoy a glass of wine, so if you’re dining in with a lady or hosting a sophisticated gathering, always have a couple of bottles stored in your refrigerated beverage centre.

Beer – Save the cheap beer for when you’re by yourself of watching the game with your friends. Collect a variety of great tasting beers from around the world to set yourself apart from the norm.

Non-alcoholic Beverages – A variety of beverages should be available including tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, soda, and bottled water. Variety is key so ensure you have a wide selection.

Food – Nibbles and snacks should always be available for your guests. Stock up on crisps, nuts, ice cream and anything else you think they’ll like.

Plants – Live plants only, not plastic or dying. Place a few around your pad. Live plants are essential for adding colour and atmosphere to your place.

Music – Your favourite music should be available in most rooms of your bachelor pad. Build up an impressive CD collection and display it in a nice CD rack. Vary the genre of music in your collection to suit every occasion – If you’ve got your friends over play some dance music; if you’ve got a lady over for a romantic candlelit dinner, play some smooth jazz to set the mood.

Aquarium – If you’ve got the space and you’re up to the maintenance that’s required, an aquarium with exotic fish adds a sense of style to a living room.

Art – On the wall in your living room, bedroom and maybe even the dining room and bathroom depending on how big your pad is. Art should be chosen to fit both the interior of your home and your personality whilst being classy and tasteful.

Reading Material – On your coffee table, spread out some of your favourite magazines. Go for lighter material such as entertainment, fashion and even business magazines rather than your typical lads mag. Coffee table books and magazines are not only great for decoration, but also great conversation pieces with your guests.

A collage of pictures – Have a main wall in your bachelor pad that’s full of photos that tell a story. Create a collage of pictures that show the places you’ve been to around the world, pictures of family and friends and pictures of you when you were younger – Another great conversation piece to share with your guests.

Making Your Bachelor Pad Woman Friendly

One of the main advantages of being single and living on your own is the endless amount of women that you can bring back to your place. To be successful at doing this, you’ll need to make her feel comfortable when she walks through the door. If your place is a mess or stinks of stale piss, you’ll quickly turn her off. To improve your chances, below are some guidelines to make your bachelor pad woman friendly.

Certain things are obvious and go without saying. Your place should be clean, neat and smell nice. However bear in mind that it should look lived in and not like you’ve got OCD. You want her to be impressed, but also comfortable.

Living Room – You spend most of your time here entertaining, so it’s usually the best room in the house. You’ve got your big screen TV, sound system, new leather sofa and a nice coffee table. The room looks great, but the tips below will make it look even better:

  • Add a shag rug or cushions to soften the room and show that your eye for décor goes beyond a leather sofa and TV.
  • Add a few pictures of family and friends to show that you’re loving and caring. Avoid too many pictures of your mom, otherwise she’ll think you’re a bit of a mommy’s boy.

Kitchen – Make sure your kitchen is equipped with pans and utensils and that it looks neat and presentable. Clear the sides, apart from one or two appliances – put everything else away in the cupboards. Make sure that your fridge is clean and that you have a variety of foods in the cupboard, not just pot noodles – women are always impressed by men that can cook.

Bathroom – Usually the most overlooked room in a man’s place. Mildew on the shower curtain, tide lines around the bath, skid marks in the toilet aren’t going to impress her. To ensure your bathroom is the cleanest room in your pad, pay attention to the following tips:

  • If your shower curtain is looking a little dated and there are signs of mildew, put a new one in.
  • Place a new, clean bath mat on the floor. It’ll make the whole floor look fresh and clean.
  • Big fluffy towels are always a good trick. She’ll be repulsed by those small, thin, discoloured towels that you’ve had for years. Make sure they co-ordinate with the colour of your bathroom and hang them on a heated towel rail.
  • Extra toilet roll  should be in plain view so she doesn’t have to go rummaging through your cabinets. Place a few spare rolls in a basket next to your toilet.
  • Make sure you have a bottle of shampoo and conditioner displayed in the shower. Not only will she want to use it, it’ll also show that you actually care and look after yourself.
  • Clear empty bottles and anything that hasn’t been used for some time. Put as much of the other stuff in your toiletry cabinet, out of sight. Most men keep every type of personal toiletry item that they’ve used since they moved in piled around the bathroom sink. Only have the bare minimum on display here such as an expensive bottle of cologne, liquid hand soap, a box of tissues and a toothbrush holder – containing a new looking toothbrush.
  • Always have a few extra new toothbrushes stored away in case things go well and she decides to stay the night.

Bedroom – By the time she sees your bedroom, the décor will probably be the last thing on her mind, but here are a few important tips:

  • Make sure you have four fluffy pillows – two each. Obviously clean sheets and a matching set is a must. You want your bed to look comfy and inviting.
  • Store all clean clothes in your wardrobe, and place all dirty washing in a dirty laundry basket – store this somewhere away from the bedroom. Tidy up any clutter.
  • No pictures or posters of half-naked ladies – you’re not a teenager anymore. Leave any pictures of your mom and other family members for the living room. Keep any pictures in the bedroom art-based.
  • Keep a selection of condoms in your drawer near the bed. Always be prepared!

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