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10 Ways To Handle Stress

by nick

In today’s fast paced world it is becoming harder and harder to avoid getting stressed. There are a number of techniques and products that claim to help you cope with stress, however it’s hard to tell which ones work.

I used to get stressed easily which isn’t a good trait to have. I now keep calm and collected and handle my stress in the 10 following ways. Try them out for yourself and feel your stress levels drop.

Avoid Caffeine

Like with most drugs, caffeine has side effects. Although caffeine keeps you awake, it can also significantly increase your stress levels. Caffeine increases the level of stress hormone, cortisol, which makes your heart beat faster and elevates blood pressure.

If you drink too much caffeine then you could develop chronic stress. So, if a few sips make you fidgety then it may be best to stay away from coffee and energy drinks all together. If you need to liven yourself up in the mornings, go to the gym instead.

Get A Daily Planner

With so much going on in our lives it can be almost impossible to remember everything that needs to be done. To avoid forgetting something, I use a daily planner to manage and prioritise the things I need to do daily. This ensures that I get things done, that I am on time and organised.

Clean Up Your Mess

If your home is clean and your workspace is organised then there won’t be much to stress about. If you know where everything is then you won’t get stressed trying to find that important letter or bill. If your living area and workspace is clutter free, your mind will be clutter free too.

Have A Massage

Having a massage is said to reduce your heart rate and cortisol levels. Psychologically they do the trick by reducing your stress levels. After all, lying on your back and relaxing whilst someone massages your sore muscles can’t be that bad for reducing stress.

Listen To Relaxing Music

If you want to feel pumped up for a workout, you would listen to music genres such as heavy rock or drum n bass. Likewise, if you want to relax, listen to softer music which can actually reduce stress, helping your body and mind unwind.

Plan A Relaxing Holiday

Some holidays can actually be more stressful than relaxing. Instead of planning a sightseeing holiday, plan a holiday that is firmly based on relaxation.

See A Psychologist

Although I haven’t actually seen a psychologist before, I thought I would include it in my list. Psychologists are dedicated to the study and treatment of the mind. They provide psychological relaxation techniques that have been proven to reduce stress. If you’re having difficulty controlling your stress levels then consider seeing a psychologist.

Tai Chi

A moving form of mediation, Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that provides many great health benefits such as reduced stress, depression and anxiety. Another benefit is that you are learning a form of self defence.

Change Your Diet

Eating a lot of junk foods that are high in sugars and greasy fats will not only make you feel overweight, but it will also increase your stress levels. Change your diet and include foods that are high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin B and other anti-stress nutrients. Foods such as avocados, grapes and olives are great for reducing stress levels.

Get 8 Hours Sleep

When you have poor nights sleep you will feel irritable the next day. A lack of sleep can cause stress or stress can cause a lack of sleep. You need to change your lifestyle and daily routine. As a result, you will find yourself sleeping better and feeling less stressed. For tips on how to improve your sleep read my post 10 Things That Prevent A Good Night’s Sleep.

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