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10 Foods That Naturally Increase Semen Volume

by Ola Malachi

The quantity of semen a man ejaculates has always been a common problem for most men. There have been many magic pills invented that claim to increase your sperm count by as much as 500%. But why are we so bothered?

For many men it is a matter of confidence. A large volume of semen is related with increased libido, fertility and sexual ability. They see famous Pornstars like Peter North blasting loads of sperm over his co-stars face whilst having an orgasm that seems to last forever. Now what man wouldn’t want to be able to do that? The larger the volume, the greater number of pleasurable muscle contractions. So how do men increase their sperm count naturally?

Personally, I have never tired any magic semen booster pills that marketers claim increase your sperm load. They are too expensive and the product just doesn’t seem genuine. So I decided to do my research and find out how I can increase my ssemen volume naturally.

First of all there are two elements that play a key role in how your body operates; your diet and overall health.

Your general fitness plays an important part in having good blood circulation which helps ejaculation. To have a good state of fitness I recommend that you go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Conduct intense weight training sessions and high intensity interval training to improve your fitness, lose body fat and build lean muscle. I recommend you try out Mike Geary’s Truth about Six Pack Abs fitness program. His intense workouts improve your blood circulation, sky rockets your metabolic rate and immune system. My overall fitness has improved dramatically since using his program after starting it a few months back.

I also recommend that you start exercising your pelvic floor muscles regularly which will overtime, give you harder erections, stronger ejaculations and improve your sexual performance. You can find out how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles by reading my post 3 Kegel Exercises That Will Give You A Harder Penis.

To increase sperm volume you need to drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is an important factor that relates to the amount of sperm a man ejaculates when having an orgasm. I recommend drinking at least 8 large glasses of water daily to make sure you stay hydrated. If you are a big coffee or alcohol drinker then you will need even more than 8 glasses as you will become dehydrated, which has a major effect on sperm production.

Your diet also has a big effect on sperm production. By simply changing what you eat and introducing some of the 10 foods below into your diet will help increase your semen volume.

Increase Semen Volume Oysters

A study conducted at Barry University in Miami has shown that oysters contain strong amino acids that help produce testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone in your blood make you more sexually active.

Dark Chocolate
Increase Semen Volume Dark Chocolate

Chocolate contains L-Arginine HCL, an amino acid that has been proven to double sperm volume. It also increases your sexual pleasure by giving you stronger and more intense orgasms. Just make sure you don’t eat too much chocolate as weight gain can cause testosterone/estrogen imbalances, reducing your sperm count.

The Maca Plant
Increase Semen Volume Maca PlantIt has been proven that men who take 1,500 to 3,000 milligrams of maca extract experience an increase in sperm count and sexual desire. You can also buy maca plant capsules.

Increase Semen Volume BananaThis fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain that has been proven to increase male libido and sex drive.

Increase Semen Volume Asparagus

A balanced diet of asparagus is recommended as it decreases and cleanses your body of free radicals. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin C that protects sperm from oxidative damage and increases sperm volume.

Increase Semen Volume Walnuts

These nuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids which have been proven to increase sperm count and sexual function due to increased blood flow.

Pumpkin Seeds
Increase Semen Volume Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids that increase blood flow. It also contains phytosterois which helps shrink a large prostate that increases testosterone production.

Increase Semen Volume Garlic

Garlic contains high levels of allicin which improves blood flow to your sexual organs increasing your sperm count. Have a mint after eating though.

Goji Berries
Increase Semen Volume Goji Berries

These bright red berries contain antioxidants that improve circulation and keep the temperature of male reproductive organs at an all time low. Overheating is the main cause of a low sperm count.

Increase Semen Volume Ginseng

It has been proven that ginseng improves your erections and also enhances your libido and sexual performance.

Ready To Increase Your Semen Volume?
Increase Semen Volume

Try to include at least few of the foods above in your daily diet to increase your semen volume. Stay fit and healthy and drink plenty of water. You will soon notice an increase in sperm and become the next Peter North. She will love it!!!

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