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5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Women

by nick

Buying a gift for your woman, whatever the occasion, can be hard, especially if you have only just started dating. The best types of gifts are ones that show her you have made an effort and express how you feel. The main rule is to not overspend and keep within the budget you have set. I have come up with five possible gifts ideas that will easily please the woman in your life.


Perfumes or fragrances are always guaranteed to make her happy. The problem is, knowing which one she likes. Does she like sweet scented perfumes or a more spicy smell? If you’re not sure, then during a casual conversation ask her what her favourite perfumes are, or have a little sneaky peak at her collection.

Spa Treatment

If you want to avoid buying her a material gift, then a day at the spa is a great way to make her feel special. You can get some great deals on spa packages that will keep her pampered all day.


Women love purses. It is an item that she probably carry’s about with her all the time. Have a look at what she carry’s about with her now so you get an idea of the style and type of purse she likes. If you’re still not sure, ask a female friend to come shopping with you and help you pick out a purse you think she will like.


This is a great gift to get her as in a way it is a gift for you too. ;) However you need to be careful and know what type of lingerie your woman will like. If she isn’t into wearing crutch less knickers or nurse outfits then I recommend you stay well away from buying anything that could be perceived as slutty. Stick to something she will feel comfortable and sexy in. Lingerie can be a romantic gift if chosen correctly.


Most women love jewellery, however because it is usually expensive, it is generally reserved for serious relationships. Make sure you stay away from any fake jewellery and pick out something your woman will like. A bracelet, a ring, earrings, a locket are all thoughtful gifts.

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