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Conversation Starters: How To Start Talking To Women

by nick

The hardest part of meeting new women is knowing how to approach her. The problem is that most men don’t put any thought into what they’re going to say to her. By the time he has approached her, he freezes, unable to come up with anything to say. To avoid this from happening, I have come up with some conversation starters for you to try out.

Say, ‘Hi’

This is a great way to start talking to a woman as it’s natural. Hot women are approached by men all the time, so they’ve heard pretty much every pick up line out there. Saying something original such as, ‘Hi, How are you?’ actually can work as it is simple.

Current Events

Before you go out, read up on all the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news. This is great material for conversations. Particularly pay attention to the latest celebrity bad behaviour. If you then see someone out who is overly drunk, you can compare them to the latest celebrity that has been caught stumbling out of a nightclub. She will probably laugh and it shows that you’re aware of what’s going on in the world.


If you’re in a bar, one of the easiest ways to start talking to a woman is to raise your glass to hers and say ‘ cheers!’ It’s simple and polite and can start off a conversations.

Play A Game

There are lots of little games you can play to get her attention. For example, if you’re at a bar and you spot a woman over the other side, you could play noughts and crosses on a napkin, and have the barman deliver it to her. After you have won you can walk over and introduce yourself and console her on her defeat.

Ask For Her Opinion

This is a great way to start off a conversation, especially with groups of women. Keep the topic related to something that will interest women such as fashion, celebrity gossip, relationships etc. Make sure you seem genuinely interested in getting someone’s opinion. Make the question engaging enough and women will respond.

Come Up With Funny And Interesting Stories

Think of a few interesting and unique stories before you go out so they’re clear in your mind. Use an easy conversation starter such as, ‘ you wouldn’t believe what just happened to me.’ Make the story seem so interesting that you needed to share it with someone. If you tell her it correctly you will leave her wanting more. Make sure the story makes you look good and come across as confident.

Watch And Review The Last Man To Chat Her Up

If you see a man trying to pick up a woman and fails, approach her after he has left. Ask her, ‘ How did he do?’ She will find this funny. Then give her your review on what he was doing wrong in a playful way.

Make A Bet With Her

The idea is to make the bet last all night so you continue to interact with her. For example, bet her that you will remember her name for the whole night and if you forget, you have to buy her a drink. The same rule applies for her if she forgets yours. You will find her calling your name out for the rest of the night.

Make Her Overhear Your Conversation

This method will make her approach you instead of the other way around. When she is nearby and within hearing distance make a comment to your friend so she happens to overhear you. Say something like,’ keep it quite, but I think all women do it.’ If she overhears you say this she will want to know what you’re talking about and she will ask. You can take the conversation from there.

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