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6 Ways To Make Your Penis Look And Feel Bigger

by nick

The past few months I have been using Aaron Kemmer’s Exercising the Penis Program. So far I have had some great results. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about how achieved this. In the mean time I recommend trying out his exercising the penis program and get started.

However, before you start exercising your penis, you should carry out the following 6 tips that will make your penis appear bigger straight away. Although your penis will not be physically bigger, this is a good place to start before you begin your penis enlargement exercise programme.

Trim your Pubic Hair

By trimming your pubic hair you will be making your penis more visible. If you have a lot of hair in the pubic region, you could be covering up a few inches of your penis length. Try using the Philips Body Groom Trimmer for trimming your pubic hair. It has specifically designed to trim the more sensitive areas including men’s testicles. Also another advantage of trimming your pubic hair is that it will be neater and cleaner, meaning women are more likely to give you a blowjob.

Give up Smoking


When you get an erection, your penis fills with blood. For this to happen, you need good blood circulation. Smoking disrupts the blood flow and can reduce your penis size. To learn how to give up smoking, I recommend trying the Quit Smoking Today Program. I used this program to help me give up. Also read my post 5 Useful Steps To Quit Smoking.

Think Erotic Thoughts


The flaccid size of your penis will increase if you intensify the blood flow to your lower region by thinking a few naughty thoughts. However be sure not to get too much blood flowing down there at the wrong time.

Hold in Your Urine

Your penis will inflate if you hold your urine in for long periods of time. You would only do this if you are expecting others to see your penis such as in a changing room.

Head on view in the Mirror

When you look at your penis from above, your penis actually appears smaller than it is. Stand in front of a mirror and get a head on view of your penis to get a better idea of how big you are.

Lose Your Gut


If you have a lot of fat around your abdominal region, your penis will appear smaller than it actually is. The average mans penis when flaccid is around 3 inches. The more fat around this region, the smaller the penis will look. Losing fat will add length to your penis. Reducing the fat around the penis will show your manhood’s full potential. Regular exercise and eating healthy will help you lose fat and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a great program for reducing body fat and building lean muscle. So make sure you get down the gym and give it a try.

Recommended Reading

Every man wants a bigger and harder penis. Having a bigger penis will not only improve your sex life, but also enhance your sexual confidence. I decided to take the first step and found Aaron Kemmer’s Exercising The Penis Program, and I am so glad I did. I managed to increase my penis length by 2 inches and girth by 1 inch in only two months

Make Your Penis Look And Feel Bigger

Try out the above tips and you will be surprised how much bigger your penis looks. I recommend trimming your pubic hair first. If you’re over weight, definitely get down the gym and lose the fat. Remember to try Aaron Kemmer’s Exercising The Penis Program to naturally increase the size of your penis. Beleive me, it is possible!

To Our Success In Life,

Steve Harold

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