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Possible Side Effects When Exercising the Penis

by nick

If you have ever had an intense workout at the gym, you will know that after your gym session you may experience both positive and negative side effects.  It is the same when you carry out penile exercising for penis enlargement.  Side effects are usually temporary, with some men never experiencing any, so it depends on the individual.

Negative side effects can be minimised or even avoided when exercising the penis. But firstly you need to know what side effects to look out for.

Spots along the penis

Temporary spots are common on the head of the penis, however they can appear anywhere along the shaft of the penis.  They are usually small red dots but they can be larger and darker.

Spots on the penis are normal, especially at the beginning of your penile exercise program. They are usually there no longer than one or two days so no need to worry. However they can be a sign of too much intensity.

Bigger veins

Penile exercising can cause bigger and more visible veins along the penis for some men.

Swelling of the skin

Temporary swelling of the skin near the head of the penis can occur after an intense penile workout.  Swelling usually only lasts for a few hours.

Decrease in size or hardness

Start your penile workouts light and work your way up. Just like when you train your muscles in the gym, overtraining can cause muscles to become sore and weak. The same applies when carrying out penile exercises. Do not overtrain.

Penis can become darker

This is the most common side effect that men experience and is down to intense workouts and overtraining. Certain parts of the penis can become darker or even dark all over. It can take months to occur, however this varies from man to man. Although only temporary, some men experience long darkening periods of the penis.

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