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How To Warm Up Your Penis Before Exercising

by nick

All penile exercises apart from the kegel require you to warm up the penis first.  Like before taking part in any active exercise, you need to warm up first to prevent injury and increase growth. This concept is exactly the same when performing penile exercises.

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Warming up will help you avoid many of the unwanted side effects such as darkening of the penis. Read my post Possible Side Effects When Exercising The Penis. The warm up is literally heating up the penis. By not performing the warm up correctly or avoiding it all together, may stop you from gaining. This is why warming up the penis first is very important.

Heat increases the blood flow to your penis. It also increases its flexibility and makes it easier to stretch. Think of it this way, if you jumped into a cold swimming pool, what happens? Your penis shrinks. This is because your body is keeping your important organs warm by increasing the blood flow to the important areas and decreasing blood flow to less important areas, such as your penis.

Some men skip the warm up. This is not advised. Warming up is essential when performing penile exercises. It makes the penis relaxed, less stiff and increases its flexibility. Increased flexibility leads to more gains. It also increases the blood flow to your penis making your workouts more effective.

Warming Up The Penis

To warm up your penis you need to apply heat to it for five to ten minutes before carrying out penile exercises. You can apply heat in many ways. Moist heat and infrared are the most effective types of heat. The three most effective warm ups are as follows:

Rice sock


This is an inexpensive way to warm up your penis, and you can make one using items around your house. All you need is a sock, uncooked rice and a microwave. Take a sock and fill it with approximately one to two cups of rice.  Tie the sock at the end and put it in your microwave for 90 seconds. Put a cup of water in the microwave when heating up the rice sock. This will humidify the rice making it more effective when applying it to your penis.

Moist heating pad

You can buy moist heating pads at most retail outlets. You may already have one.  They only take a few minutes to reach the desired temperature and are cheap to buy. Try out the highly rated Medisana 60145 Heat Pad, which is pictured above.

Infra red massager

Infrared is the best method to warm up your penis. This is because it heats deeper tissues in your penis. It is also useful as massaging increases blood circulation, relaxes tissue and increases blood flow.  Infrared massagers are sold in most retail outlets. I use the Medisana Duo Massager. It does exactly what I need it to do for an affordable price.

How to warm up

Perform the following warm up steps before every penile workout.

  1. If you are using a rice sock, put it in a microwave and warm it up. If you are using a heating pad or infrared massager, plug it in and allow it to warm up.
  2. Check the temperature with your hand. If it is too hot let it cool down.
  3. Cover you entire penis with the warmed up item and keep it wrapped up for ten minutes. If it is a rice sock, wrap it around your penis. Do not put your penis in the rice sock. If you are using an infrared massager, move it around and massage the entire penis.
  4. As soon as you have warmed up the penis, start penile exercising.

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