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Drunk as a Skunk: Hangover Cures for Men

by nick

Drink too much last night or thinking about having a drink tonight? A hangover is natures way of telling you that you had too much fun the night before. When I go out for a few drinks I try not to over do it. It’s not a good look when you get too drunk, swaying and staggering everywhere, especially when you want to attract women. However we all like to have a good time and there will be occasions when we get out of our faces. When I do, I usually feel pretty rough and drained the next day. To help me get my act together I use a few of the hangover cures below. In a sense there is no such thing as a hangover cure, but they do make me feel better and give me the kick up the arse I need to help me go about my day.

Drink Lots of Water


When you drink lots of alcohol your body gets dehydrated. That’s why your mouth feels like Gandhi’s flip flop when you wake up in the morning. Get a large glass of water and drink, drink, drink. It’s better to do this before you go to bed as this will mitigate the dehydrating effects of alcohol meaning you wont feel so bad in the morning.

Eat Loads Before You Go Out


You should eat loads of food before you go out for a few drinks as this lines the stomach. Fatty meals are best on this occasion as fat is digested slowly and will protect the stomach from the grating effects of alcohol. Drinking a glass of full fat milk will also slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Sports Drinks


Drinks such as Gatorade and PowerAde will help you replace a lot of vitamins, salts and minerals that were eliminated from your body in your drinking session last night.



A lot of people swear by drinking a can of coke or a cup of coffee in the morning. I used to drink a can of red bull when I woke up after a drinking session. The problem is that caffeine is only a temporary solution as it causes dehydration just like alcohol. The two mixed together will make you feel worse later in the day.

Greasy Fry Up


After a hard nights drinking session your digestive system is struggling. So bacon, egg, sausages and beans may cause indigestion. However a fatty fry up contains the calories you need to give you a much needed energy boost. Also eggs and meat are full off amino acids and cysteine which is good for draining toxins from your body.



Alcohol is an irritant to your stomach. What most people don’t realise is that aspirin may irritate your stomach even more. Also, paracetamols give your liver even more work to do. So stay away from painkillers as much as possible.

Hair Of The Dog


This is for the hardcore. There is research that shows that this can work but only in the short term. When you continue to consume more alcohol your body suspends your hangover as your body is busy dealing with the new intake of drink. However once you have finished your second drinking session your hangover is likely to be twice as worse so don’t bother.



Berocca is a vitamin and mineral supplement that will replenish your body with everything it needs to get yourself back on your feet. I swear by this supplement. I drink it with water before I go to bed after a hard night drinking and wake up feeling fine in the morning.

Go Back To Bed


Although I am not a big fan of this as you tend to waste the whole day, sleep is a good way of resting your body and letting it repair your internal organs. If you are awake your body has to work extra hard to do this.

Have Sex


My favourite. If you picked up a woman last night or have a girlfriend / wife lying next to you in bed, give her a poke and get some exercise. The exercise will get your blood flowing around your body and boost your metabolism,  getting rid of toxins quicker. It’s better than lying around groaning.

Try One Of These Hangover Cures

Don’t suffer any longer and try at least one of the hangover cures listed above. Hopefully you will start to feel better and not waste your whole day in bed!

To Your Success!

Steve Harold

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