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7 Great Tips for Men About to Pop the Question

by nick

For many men about to pop the question, not only do they often become unsure of themselves – and quite often of the engagement ring they spent days searching for – but they also find themselves increasingly unsure of their proposal plans and how it will unfold. Before we discuss tips for popping the question, it cannot be stressed enough that you must be yourself, not someone you think she’ll say ‘Yes’ to. You didn’t arrive at this point in your relationship by being someone else – or did you?

Keep the occasion a surprise

It’s often difficult when you know she’s expecting it, but it’s essential to keep it a secret right until the moment you propose. Proposals are meant to be surprises, and certainly not the shocks that many men have planned for their rather unfortunate girlfriends, so whatever you do keep the occasion a surprise unless she really has her heart set on a date and you feel it would be cruel to disappoint her.

Don’t leave a trail for her to follow

It’s often the little things that tip her off, such as leaving receipts for engagement jewellery and flowers lying about, letting her friends know and making reservations for hotels, restaurants and transportation when she isn’t quite out of earshot. Moreover, when shopping for that stunning diamond engagement ring she won’t be able to resist, either do so very secretively or shop online.

Prepare your plans for the proposal

Start preparing as soon as possible, don’t leave anything until the last moment or you will, as many men have found firsthand, find the experience even more stressful than what it would ordinarily be. The more time you give yourself the easier it will be to select a stunning engagement ring, pick a location and plan the surprise – you won’t regret giving yourself ample time to prepare.

Think of what she wants

You’re appealing to her here, not yourself, so think of what she likes and what interests her more so than yourself. If she has a favourite scene from a movie or a place that she holds dear, you could look at enacting it or proposing there – you shouldn’t find it difficult to think of something she loves to include in your proposal.

Do something old fashioned

Old fashioned proposals never fall out of fashion so perhaps do something old fashioned with emphasis placed on romance. Plan a romantic dinner at a classy restaurant and have the waiter slip the ring in her champagne glass, propose on a river cruise with the city lights in the background, or simply surprise her with breakfast in bed and the engagement ring jostling for position on the tray.

Make sure it’s romantic

Proposals are all about romance and even if you’ve never been much of a romantic there’s never been a better time to change your ways. Hopefully you’ve given the engagement rings from diamondstore.co.uk plenty of thought by placing emphasis on the style of jewellery she likes, and on the subject of what she likes, have you given adequate attention to this with regard to the setting for your romantic proposal?

A memory to look back upon forever

Proposing is, or at least should be, a once in a lifetime experience, and as that’s so you’ll want to have a means to remember it vividly for the rest of your lives together. Don’t forget to bring a camera so that you can record the moment – you won’t regret it twenty years from now when you’re giving your son advice on how to propose.

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