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10 Ways to Lose You Your Girlfriend

by nick

1. Show Her a Lack of Respect

Showing her a complete lack of respect is easy! Highlight her imperfections instead of understanding them. When she’s upset, be inconsiderate of her feelings and tell her she’s overreacting. Disconnect yourself from her and assume that everything is okay.

When you’re out in public, don’t stick up for her. Even put her down if you want to and make her feel small in front of your friends. Make everything about you, and forget about her. Never give her a compliment or make her feel special… she’s not worth it!

2. Be Weak

Behave like a wuss and jump every time she asks you to do something. Call and text her 10-20 times a day and show more interest than she’s showing you. Say ‘yes’ to everything she says and never think of being a challenge to her.

3. Create Unnecessary Arguments

Start an argument out of nothing. Keep pushing her until it becomes a full-blown fight. Don’t stop until you’re screaming at each other.

After it’s calmed down, never apologise, especially when it’s your fault. Admitting you are wrong shows that you’re weak and will make you responsible. Instead make her feel guilty until she says sorry. Remember you’re never in the wrong because you’re perfect.

4. Tell Lies

Keep her on her toes. If you’re honest and build trust she’ll expect more from you. Leave the room every time you take a call and don’t give her a reason why you do it.  Show her that you have no integrity and you don’t care enough to be truthful.

5. Don’t Maintain Yourself

You’re in a relationship now so let yourself go. Don’t shower regularly, stop dressing up, eat crap and forget about exercising. Who cares what initially attracted her to you. You’ve got a girlfriend now so you don’t care how you look.

6. Be Jealous and Possessive

Start telling her that she can’t go out with her friends or talk to other men.  Let her know that you’re insecure and she can’t have any freedom. If she asks if she can go out with her girlfriends, tell her she can’t unless you come along with her. If you let her, make her feel guilty for wanting to leave you for one night and keep texting and ringing her when she’s out.

7. Don’t Spice Things Up

Do the same thing every day and never be spontaneous. If she suggests something different – decline. Surprises, thoughtful gifts and unexpected outings are expensive and a waste of time.

8. Show a Lack of Motivation in Life

Never set any goals in life. Keep complaining about your job instead of doing something about it. If you don’t have a job, even better… show no ambition of finding one. Don’t share your dreams and passions. Just sit around watching TV all day every day drinking beer and eating junk food.

9. Have Bad Sex

Never think about pleasing her. Forget the foreplay and teasing, it’s all about you getting what you want, not her. Avoid spicing things up in the bedroom and trying new things. Don’t share your fantasies and be predictable. Missionary position, 3 minutes and you’re done! You don’t care that she hasn’t had an orgasm. You had yours so who cares!

10. Take Her for Granted

You’ve been dating for years so things must be going good.  You never tell her how much you appreciate the things she does for you. Any nice gestures she makes are considered the norm and you’re not interested in making any in return. Her emotional needs are unfulfilled and she feels neglected.

Follow these 10 easy steps to lose your girlfriend and I guarantee you will. However, if you want to stay with your partner, I recommend that you do the complete opposite (the purpose of this article). We all make mistakes but we can always treat our women better. If you can relate to any of the above, consider it a wakeup call and do something about it now. Otherwise you’ll eventually lose your girlfriend.

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