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A Man’s Guide to Winter Coats

by nick

It’s now winter and cold weather requires some serious thought about what you’re going to wear to protect you from the elements. With that in mind, I recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following style of coats and jackets that’ll keep you warm in the winter months: The Parka, the pea coat, the duffle coat, the overcoat, and the trench coat.  They all have unique features and vary in style. The choice is yours when it comes to selecting what suits you, but if you’re undecided I provide you this guide.

The Parka

Parkas are guaranteed to keep you warm in winter. The original parka was adopted by the US military for cold weather operations, and is now a standard item that’s found in any stylish mans wardrobe. If you’re going for the clean rugged look then this is the perfect coat for you. Parkas come with plenty of pockets which are good if you carry a lot around with you and they’re very durable.

The Pea Coat

Pea coats are versatile as they come in a variety of styles, ranging from business to casual looks. Originally worn by Dutch sailors to keep them warm, the pea coats fitted style will compliment your body shape. Most men will wear a pea coat over their suits and over their knitwear. With a double-breasted design, and available in traditional colors such as dark navy and black, the pea coat is a great choice that’ll never really go out of fashion.

The Duffle Coat



Like with the pea coat and parka, the duffle coat was used by the military and first became popular in the 1950s. A well fitted duffle coat shouldn’t fall too far below the waist, and should fit your body shape without looking too bulky. Look out for black and deep blue colors that’ll work much better as part of a whole outfit compared to dull brown and beige colors. If you’re thinking of buying a duffle coat, ensure that it’s made from a thick, durable material such as wool.

The Overcoat

The overcoat is usually made from heavy wool and worn by business men during the winter months. If you work in the city where you’re required to wear a suit, this is probably the best choice of coat. Less versatile and generally more expensive compared to other outerwear featured on this list, the overcoat is generally the more conservative of all men’s winter coats.

The Trench Coat

Although a type of overcoat, due to its ever-lasting popularity, I feel the trench coat deserves a category of its own. Originally invented by Aquascutum, the trench coat became fashionable after World War I, where it was worn as an alternative for Officers in the trenches. Due to its waterproofing and sturdy construction, the trench coat is a popular choice for many men. Its versatile style allows you to wear it for both casual and formal settings; the trench is definitely worth considering for a damp and cold winter.

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