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Dress with Confidence and Find the Style that’s Right for You

by nick

Whether it is one of your friends, or that annoying bloke down the pub who seems to go on a date with every girl you fancy, we all have someone who becomes our fashion nemesis.

He always looks great whatever he wears, and people are always complimenting him on his style.

If you want to be more confident in yourself and stand a better chance of getting the girl, then read on.

Ignore Trends Where Possible

Look, at some point most of us will end up wearing something that everyone else seems to own. That is simply a fact of life that we have to live with at times, but there is definitely a way around it. While you always want to look current and fresh, it is nonsense to say you cannot do that without buying what is hot in the shops right now. Many fashion trends are here today, gone tomorrow, so unless you are minted and can afford to look like a shop window mannequin all the time, you need an alternative.

Know Your Style

Understanding what you look good in will instantly add to your sense of confidence. The sooner we all realise that we do not all look good in a vest and chinos, the better. Even if your look is something that sounds uninspiring, such as “jeans and a jumper” there is nothing to stop you making a look independent to you and dressing in a way that will make you stand out.

If jeans and jumper is your look, then be daring with your denim, and go for brighter colours and patterns with your knitwear. When the girl gives you her attention, you will be a lot better off for being an independent dresser with your own unique style instead of nipping down the shopping centre and stocking up on whatever FHM tells you is hot this month.

Get Advice

You can do this on the quiet, too, if you do not want to be embarrassed. The internet is a goldmine of fashion expertise and advice, so get out there and find it to really boost your wardrobe and your style. There are numerous websites with guides to tell you how to dress for your complexion, your height, your hair colour, and many other factors.

Using these guides will help you confidently choose what to wear at all times, build your confidence, and look great no matter the situation. Factor these into your individual style, and your fashion will be reflective of a new man in no time at all.

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Robert Reeve writes for Stylepilot.com. Stylepilot is designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online and to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot displays a large collection of mens jeans, mens shirts, casual wear and tailoring.

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