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How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

by nick

Men can have many goals when working out at the gym. It could be to lose weight, get a six pack or improve your strength. My goal is to gain a lean muscular body. What ever your goal or goals are, you should follow these steps below to help you achieve them.

Write Down Your Workout Goals

You need to list your goals on paper and create a plan on how you are going to achieve them. Keep referring back to your goals as a constant reminder of where you want to be.

Hire A Personal Trainer

If you need motivation or are not comfortable at performing certain exercises then hiring a personal trainer may be a worthwhile investment, even if it’s just to get you started.

Get A Workout Partner

Working out on your own can sometimes be boring and if you need motivation then going with a friend is a good idea. You can encourage each other and your friend can act as a spotter when lifting heavy weights.

Visualize The Future

You need to visualize your goals to help you achieve them. Imagine being leaner and muscular. This will motivate you mentally to push yourself harder. Your dream body will eventually become reality.

Monitor Your Progress

Keep a log book of all your workouts to help you track your progression. Not only does this help you remember what weight you lifted in your last workout, but you will also see on paper how much you have increased your strength since you first started your workout program. This is a big motivator.

Take Your Time

Don’t be in such a rush to achieve your goals. If you lose 3% body fat in a month but wanted to lose 5%, realise that you are still progressing towards your goal. Don’t get frustrated or obsessed at reaching all your goals at once. Focus on one goal at a time.

Set A Realistic Time Period

You will have other things going on in your life that will distract you away from the gym from time to time. Allow for this when setting your goals and allow a reasonable time period to achieve them.

Take A Day Off

Don’t feel guilty if you take a day off from your scheduled workout.  If something else comes up such as a date, don’t turn it down just to go to the gym.

Be Flexible

If you can’t get to the gym one day then don’t feel guilty. There will be days when you don’t have time to go. Reschedule it for later.

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