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Escalating Duration Workout – How to Make it Work For You

by nick

Do you spend hours at the gym yet seem to experience only minor results? Chances are you’re not making the most of your time there without even realising it. It’s easy for time to slip by when you’re supposed to be training so you feel as though you’re working out a lot more than you are.

Simply by mixing up your regime and appointing specific time slots will ensure that you make the most of the time you are there. This is where escalating duration workouts come in.

What’s EDT?

Escalating duration workouts ensure that every second you spend in the gym counts – and they can also cut down the time you even have to spend training. They’re the ultimate time effective workout which will leave you feeling far more satisfied with much more time to spend pursuing your other passions.

They’re relatively simple to implement; simply set a time limit for training and ensure that every second counts. Around 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to allow the space and energy needed for you to perform an effective workout.

It takes supersets to a whole new level, so be ready to work hard and push yourself to the very limit. The effort required will, however, guarantee you the best training session you’ve ever experienced.

What To Do

You need to choose two areas of your body to work out which don’t conflict with one another: chest and back, or legs and shoulders are perfect.

Choose two exercises which you can perform 10-12 reps each time within 20 minutes, alternate the two moves and try to rest as little as possible between sets. Once your 20 minutes is up, make a note of how long you rested each time and the number of reps you performed in total. Keeping note of this will help you see how you improve each time.

EDT Example

If you’re looking to get started, try out these exercises as a place to start:

  • Dumbbell bench press with cable row
  • Barbell curl with close-grip push-up
  • Barbell Romanian deadlift with leg extension
  • Front squat with push-up
  • Leg press with pull-up

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