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The Top Five Mistakes Made by Bodybuilding Beginners

by nick

A lot of guys dream of having the physique of a Greek god, and why wouldn’t they? A defined six-pack, rock-hard pecs and biceps like tree trunks are all worth aspiring to, but without an intense bodybuilding regime, it’s not going to happen. When getting into bodybuilding for the first time, it’s easy to make a few mistakes, but what are the most obvious? Here’s our top five:

Not Showing Enough Commitment

This is a big mistake. Achieving a dream body can’t happen overnight. To look toned and muscular, it requires a little patience and plenty of commitment. Giving up early might be tempting, but give it a chance first, and you might start to enjoy it once you start to look better!

Training Too Much

At the opposite end of the spectrum, overdoing it during each session might not have the results you hope for. There is an optimum amount of time for each workout session, something which many beginners might not know. Perhaps the best thing to do is start off gently and then gradually raise the amount of work you do for each session.

Lifting Weights The Wrong Way

This is something a number of bodybuilders will find annoying, especially if they have to use the equipment after it’s been used improperly. If you’re new to using something like a rowing machine in a gym, feel free to ask for help and it will ensure that you don’t fall prey to something like sports injuries.

Lifting Too Much Weight

Another common beginners’ mistake, you don’t want to lift something if it’s too heavy. As with all other bodybuilding exercises, start off small and then add weight on as you feel more comfortable later on.

Eating The Wrong Foods

Diet is everything when embarking on a new bodybuilding regime. Something you should always bear in mind is to eat 25-30g of protein every two to three hours. This will provide your body with enough to recover in between each workout session. Complex carbohydrates are also a necessity. Eating five small meals a day is ideal, while steering clear of junk food is a must.

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