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The Truth About Free Weights And Machines

by nick

When I first started out at gym I used mainly machine weights in my workout routines. I started Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs Training Program a few months ago and noticed that his workout routines mainly consisted of strength training using free weights. I found out that I was making a fundamental error using mainly machine weights and I am going to explain why, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did and waste your time.


When undertaking strength training to lose body fat and build lean muscle, the majority of your workout should consist of mainly free weights and other weighted objects such as, kettle bells, sandbags, logs and boulders, depending how creative you feel.

Why are Free Weights Better Than Machines?

When using free weights you require your stabilizer muscles to support the weight you’re lifting. Machines stabilize the muscles for you meaning it is doing a portion of the work making your workout easier and less effective. Also if you mostly use machines in your workouts you are increasing your chances of getting injured. This is because you are neglecting important stabilizer muscles in your workouts. For example, take a free weight deadlift versus a Smith machine deadlift. During the free weight deadlift your muscles need to stabilize your body. Whereas if your doing deadlifts with the Smith machine, the weight is already stabilized so you are taking away the opportunity to build strong stabilizer muscles. I see lots of men lifting heavy weights in the gym using the Smith machine thinking that they can lift a lot of weight. However I guarantee that if they where to try lifting the same amount of weight using free weights, they would find it extremely hard or wont be able to lift it.

Stabilizer Muscles to Get Lean

Stabilizer muscles support the growth of bigger muscles. To build lean muscle you need to stimulate as much muscle as possible with each exercise you perform. Free weights will help you achieve this much more effectively compared to machine weights.

If you want better results from your workouts then stick to free weights. There are some machines that you can benefit from and include in your workout. Machines that are not locked into a pre-determined path should make up a maximum of 10% of your workout, with the other 90% being free weights. Machines such as:

  • Lat pull downs
  • Cable bench press
  • Horizontal rows

Whilst we are on the subject of talking about stabilizing muscles, it is important to note that you should never wear a weight belt during your workout routines. The concept of the weight belt is to pull in your abdominals to support your spine during a heavy lift. The problem is that if you wear one all the time you are essentially weakening your back. This could cause a back injury.

If your main goal is to build lean muscle as fast as possible then use free weights for the majority of your training. Machine weights have their place but if you are using them because you find them easier or more comfortable then you are only cheating yourself out of gaining lean muscle.

Build Lean Muscle

If you want to build lean muscle and lose body fat then you need to read Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program. I spent years following fitness programs, trying to gain lean muscle and lose body fat, but none of them seemed to work. Don’t waste your time! Want a programme that works? Then you definitely need to try The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program. I literally striped the body fat and gained lean muscle in the first month of trying his program and I was only using his beginner’s workout routine. Mike is currently offering a Risk-Free $4.95 trail, so you can try now and decide later

To Your Success!

Steve Harold

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