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3 Secrets to Build the Lean, Athletic Physique That Turns Women On

by nick

I first started lifting weights because my confidence had struck an all-time low.

I’d been in hospital for over 3 months following some serious surgery across my abdomen. Being in hospital caused me to drop to a shameful weight of just 112lbs.

I was 16, already skinny, and now a hormonal wreck.

That’s when I started reading everything I could on building a body for one thing – looking good to women to boost my confidence. I never wanted to look like a bodybuilder – the huge, ‘puffy’ look puts a lot of girls off.

Instead, I wanted the lean, athletic physique of an MMA fighter or a men’s’ fitness magazine cover model.

But mostly I wanted the confidence & strong positive emotions that this physique brings. With rock-hard muscles and a strong frame, women will categorize you as being masculine, confident and no push over.

As it happens, this first impression helps you actually assert those characteristics and have more success with women.

However, most guys are following the wrong training plan, and not eating for the best results.

In this article I’m laying out for you the top 3 tips to build the alpha physique that women are instinctively attracted to. You’ll also boost your confidence and you can become more dominant in social situations.

Alpha Physique Secret #1: Lift Heavy Weights

Most guys perform sets of exercises in the range of 8 – 12 repetitions. This is the typical advice you get in most bodybuilding magazines.

And that advice is fine – for a bodybuilder with the right genetics.

But for most guys, you’ll be burning yourself out and burning too much energy to build any muscle mass.

Lift heavier weights and drop the reps down to 5 – 8 per set. Heavy weights in this range make your muscles denser, for a striated appearance.

Lifting only in the higher rep range will give you some muscle growth but your body will remain ‘puffy’ and soft-looking with no definition.

Alpha Physique Secret #2: Keep Your Sessions Short

When you train for longer than 60 minutes your body releases a fat-storing hormone called cortisol.

This is bad news for you.

Your body perceives itself to be in danger so sends out this hormone to break down muscle tissue for energy.

I’m presuming you want to keep your lean muscle mass, and get rid of fat, so keep your sessions to about 45 minutes max.

Another benefit of shortening your sessions is that you’ll need to up the intensity by lifting heavier weights, as I mentioned in the previous tip.

If you are training for 60 minutes or longer you can’t be doing anything worthwhile anyhow.

Alpha Physique Secret #3: Train More Often

Most guys have been led to believe that they can’t train a muscle group more than once or at most twice per week.

That’s bull. By reducing the time you spend in each workout, you can train your entire body at least 4 times per week.

This puts every muscle group under tension repeatedly, which leads to fast muscle growth.

The key here is to avoid burnout. You can do that by stopping your sets before you reach failure on any lift.

Stop your set when you feel you only have 1-2 more reps left in the tank before you hit failure. By avoiding slow, grinding reps, and instead keeping each rep crisp and powerful you’ll stimulate more muscle fibres and gain strength more quickly.

Bonus Tip: How to Get Your Head Right for Massive Success

Mindset really is the most important factor in building a strong, lean physique. In fact, mindset is the most important factor no matter what goal you want to achieve in life.

However, how to get into the right mindset to reach a goal is probably the least talked-about aspect.

I break mindset down into 3 components – focus, effort and perseverance.

Focus refers to using only a small number of exercises – the basics – and learning them well.

Forget using all types of different exercises like most guys do. And quit jumping from program to program after only doing it for 2 weeks.

Those who get the best success focus on the best muscle building exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pull ups and shoulder presses. They focus on nothing but repeating these exercise for months – even years – before trying anything else.

Just the other morning, a guy at my gym asked me, “How can I look like that guy over there who’s doing pull ups?”

I replied to him, “If you want to look like a guy who can do 25 pull ups, then get strong enough to do 25 pull ups!”

Then, add effort and perseverance into the mix and you have the recipe for success. Build daily habits where you eat well and don’t skip training because you are tired.

These habits will eventually become ingrained in you, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll achieve in other areas of your life. Whether you want social dominance, to be a leader of men, and to assert your own reality and live the life of your dreams, you need to get the success mindset down.

Make a start today by setting a goal to do what it takes to master your physique.

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