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11 Easy Techniques for Seducing Women

by Ryan Chambers
man seducing a woman
A handsome man is seducing a lady

Have you ever wondered how that friend of yours gets it right when it comes to seducing women? Well, believe it or not, every man already has the natural ability to seduce beautiful women, but many haven’t got a clue how to do it.

When we talk about seduction techniques, we’re not really talking about seduction at all. What we’re really talking about is creating attraction—the kind that makes her think about you long after you’ve just met, the kind that makes her feel sexual attraction.

You need to use simple, easy methods to create this attraction. There are probably thousands of different seduction techniques out there, but most guys don’t have the time or patience to learn these long, drawn-out seduction systems. You may want to be an expert, but to get started, you only need to know the basics. Once you’ve mastered how to approach women and create attraction, the rest takes care of itself.

So now, let’s discuss a few seduction techniques that you can use to get beautiful women.

How To Seduce Women The Right Way

You might have tried seducing women severally, and you keep failing. This might not be because of your look or stature; you’re just using the wrong approach. Follow these tips to know the art of seducing women in the best way.

Improve Your Appearance 

Firstly, you don’t need overly good looks in seducing women, but your appearance does matter. Think about it—women get approached all the time by all sorts of men. So if a lady is talking with two different men one night, both of whom are equally confident and engaging, who do you think she’s going to be more attracted to—the guy that’s well-dressed, stylish, and well-groomed, or the guy that’s scruffy and unkempt?

Focus On The Basics

Perfect a daily grooming routine, exercise regularly, eat healthily, and wear the right clothes. Improve yourself in these areas, look your absolute best, and you’ll definitely seduce more women. Mark Belmont has created a program called The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System, which is a guaranteed way to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence in a matter of days.

If you want a lady to notice you, you must wear your best. If you anticipate seeing someone you like at a bar, party, or other event, practice dressing up.

Be Positive 

As well as improving your appearance, create a good, positive image. Be happy, smile, and think positive thoughts. No one likes a negative person, especially women. At first, you may have to force yourself to think positively, but eventually, it’ll become a natural habit.

Master Good Social Skills

Making friends and building a social circle will allow you to meet plenty of new women. Also, women like a guy whom everyone likes. So work on your conversation skills; talk to strangers and make new friends.

Overcome The Fear Of Failure

man and woman getting busy
A man seduces and beds a woman

Learn how to desensitize yourself from failure. Remember, the more you approach women, no matter your success rate, the more you’ll get laid and the better you’ll get at talking to women. Learning to overcome the fear of rejection is one of the biggest barriers to success. And the best way to overcome it is to start approaching women without caring about the outcome.

Don’t Act Like A Player

Seduction revolves around paying close attention to another person’s emotions. Spend time getting to know her, create a suitable environment, and go gently when becoming intimate if you want to seduce her.

Don’t be the guy that’s fake around women. This type of man will act confident and pretend that he can get any woman he wants. The truth is that he’s really insecure and never seduces the number of women he claims to have. Bragging, showing off, whatever you want to call it, women hate it, so don’t be that guy.

Avoid That Friend Zone!

A mistake men make when planning on seducing women is thinking it’s all about their connection with them. Based on this thinking, the man then tries to become really good friends with the woman and make her see him as a genuine, great guy. Although a good connection is important, if she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, then you’ve entered the friend zone. To avoid the dreaded friend zone, you’ll need to do two important things:

  • Make her feel a strong attraction towards you.
  • Change things from being friendly to sexual.

Use Confident, Playful Humor

A good way to make a woman feel a strong attraction towards you is to use playful, confident humor. For example:

Her: “You’re a really nice guy…why aren’t all men like you? All they’re ever interested in is sex….”

At this point, you could respond by saying that you aren’t interested in sex (like most men do). That will not make her feel attracted because she is actually checking to see if you’ll lie to her and pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy. Be a bit cheeky and playful, and it’ll make her feel attracted to your confidence.

You: “Yeah, I know, but women are just as bad – they always use me for sex. I have feelings too! I’m not just a piece of meat.”

She’ll laugh and see that you have the confidence to play with situations like that instead of pretending to be innocent and please her. Women are attracted to confident men. So the more you behave like a confident man, the easier it’ll be to seduce women.

Make Her Seduce You

woman seduced by man
An elegant man getting seductive with a pretty woman

Instead of trying to seduce a woman in the hope that she chooses you, get her to seduce you instead. Women actually prefer it to be that way—they’re attracted to guys who aren’t needy and desperate. When a man tries too hard to seduce a woman, she’ll notice and either put her guard up or play hard to get. Be a challenge, and don’t try to impress her – make her feel like you’re the valuable one and that she should be chasing you.

Learn How To Touch Women Correctly

When in conversation, a woman needs to feel your physical presence. You may have heard the terms “kino” or “kinesthetics” being talked about. This is just pickup jargon that means “project your confidence with your physical presence.” It’s the art of touching women in order to build comfort and attraction.

When meeting a woman for the first time, start up the kino as soon as possible. Make a few jokes, and touch her upper arm gently. Pay attention to how she responds.

Suppose you’re getting a positive response—she smiles. In that case, she touches you back, plays with her hair, then escalates the touching slowly by removing your hand, waiting for another opportunity in the conversation, and then touch her at her waist.

If you’re getting a negative vibe—she backs away, breaks eye contact, or gives that “What do you think you’re doing?” look; then back off and don’t touch her for a while – make her miss it. Even if her backing off upsets you, don’t let her know. Show her that you’re not bothered.

Touching her communicates that you find her attractive and that you’re confident.

Be Interesting And Mysterious 

Start doing interesting things. Start a new hobby, travel, go to places you’ve never been to, and learn something new. By doing these things, you’ll automatically become more interesting without even realizing it. You’ll have a lot more to talk about and be able to relate topics of conversation better to your own life experiences. However, the key is to be mysterious and not talk much about yourself. Don’t brag or ramble on about your accomplishments. Let her find out more about you herself.

Create A Feeling Of Sexual Desire 

When it comes to seducing women into having sex with you, both of you need to be sexually attracted to each other. You may want to have sex with her, but if she doesn’t want it with you, nothing will happen—you need to seduce her.

One of the best ways you can achieve this is by making her feel like she has to work at getting you interested in her. Most men make the mistake of trying too hard to get women interested in them, but men who are successful with women always do it the opposite way around. This always works. If you seduce women correctly, it’ll work every time, and they will not play hard to get. However, if you plan on seducing women as most men do, they will put their guards up, and you’ll have to endure the pain of rejection again and again.

Rounding Up…

It’s not a coincidence that you often see beautiful women chasing after average-looking men and are left wondering, “How did he seduce her?” “What does she see in him?” “What has he got that I haven’t?” If you want to learn more secrets to seducing women right now, we highly recommend that you read How to Become an Alpha Male. Also, go through The Lazy Man’s Way To Easy Sex And Romance With 20 Or More Women A Month. It’s a full-proof guide that’ll teach you his 7-step seduction system that’ll take you from saying “hello” to a woman to sharing orgasms with her in bed—that very evening!

You can also read about seducing women in The Noble Art of Seducing Women by Kezia Noble. The book covers everything a man has to know to master seducing women of different characteristics. 

The Noble Art of Seducing Women: My Foolproof Guide to Pulling Any Woman You Want
  • Noble, Kezia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 214 Pages - 06/01/2012 (Publication Date) - John Blake (Publisher)

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