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Why Do Women Cheat? 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat and How to Prevent It

by nick

Why do women cheat? What makes a woman go out of her way to sleep with another man when she’s already in a committed relationship? The answer isn’t a simple one.

Women can be just as unfaithful as men. In fact, cheating supposedly happens in over 50% of long term relationships. So in theory, nearly all of us have experienced – or will at some point experience – being cheated on.  But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Today I’m going to tell you why women cheat and how to stop her cheating on you. But before we begin, let’s take a look at the sure fire signs that she’s cheating on you.

So here it goes…

How to Tell That She’s Cheating on You

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, there’s normally reason why you’d think this. Although these are not definite indicators that she’s cheating on you, it’s normally a sign that something’s not quite right in the relationship. So, depending on the scenario, you may want to look into it further.

  • It appears as though she’s hiding something from you. When you’re with her and she gets a text or call, does she take it somewhere else… even hide her phone from your view? Does she always receive calls from numbers that she says, “she doesn’t recognise?”
  • Communication has become distant. When you text her does she take hours to reply? When you try to call her, does she pickup or let it ring through to voicemail?
  • She shows a loss of interest. When she is with you, does it appear her mind is on something else? Does she avoid talking about any future plans or forget important dates?
  • She always cancels plans. When you both have plans for going out, does she cancel on you last minute and on a number of occasions?
  • She checks out other guys in public. Does she flirt excessively with other men? Does she openly check out other guys and keep eye contact with them while you’re right beside her?
  • The sex has stopped. Has she started to reject your advances or move away from you when you initiate physical contact?

So What is Classed as Cheating?

There are many different views on what is considered cheating. Let’s assume that we are talking about a ‘normal relationship’ only. Some would say that anything she does with a guy on a physical level is considered cheating… so even kissing would count.

Others might consider sending flirtatious texts to an ex boyfriend or dirty dancing with a guy as cheating. It all depends on what you’re boundaries are. Setting limits and having open communication is key in a relationship. What she sees as ‘harmless flirting’ you may consider unacceptable. Every relationship has different boundaries and you need to put in the effort to find out what those are.

10 Reasons Why She’s Cheating

Now we know what cheating is, what are some of the biggest reasons why women cheat and how can you avoid it happening to you?

  • You’re too insecure. Every man has insecurities. But if you become needy and desperate for her attention, and overly jealous in the relationship, this can be a major turn off for her. Women want a strong, confident, masculine man… stop being needy and be that man!
  • You’re not the same man that first attracted her. When you first got together, everything was new and exciting. But overtime, you’ve both become too comfortable around each other, and the spark in the relationship has gone. You need to think back to what she liked about you in the first place and be that guy again.
  • She has a low self esteem. A lot of women don’t think their beautiful or sexy. So, if she doesn’t feel beautiful and sexy around you, then it’s only natural that she may feel drawn to other men to help boost her self esteem, especially if another guy is showing her attention. You don’t need to smother her and constantly give her compliments. Instead make her feel confident and sexy by showing how much you care about her.
  • She needs more excitement. If you sit at home every night, watching the TV, life will get very boring quickly. Be spontaneous and plan some date nights that’ll surprise her. There are plenty of cheap date ideas that she’ll really enjoy and it’ll ensure that she actually looks forward to seeing you.
  • You’re too negative. Nobody likes negative people and if you’re always negative around her, she will associate these bad feelings with you and begin to dislike you. Focus on being a more positive person and she’ll want to be around you more.
  • She wants to get rid of you. Instead of breaking up with you, she cheats. In fact this is one of the most common reasons why women cheat. She’s tried breaking up with you but you wouldn’t let her go and you managed to convince her to give you another chance. Cheating is the easy way out – or at least that’s how she sees it.  Basically she doesn’t feel it for you anymore and is trying to get out of the relationship for good. Communication is important and you need to let her know that she can talk to you about anything and you’re willing to work at your relationship through the rough times.
  • You’re rubbish in bed. If you suck in bed then you seriously need to work on your bedroom skills. Learn how to become her best lover ever and be the sex god that she’s looking for. If you’re leaving her unsatisfied each night, she’ll start looking elsewhere.
  • Not enough sex. Maybe you’re good in the sack but sleep has become more important than sex. Women need to feel wanted. Keep the spark alive and look for things that’ll make your sex life better.
  • She’s getting back at you for cheating on her. If you cheated on her before, then there’s a chance that she’s looking for revenge. She may even let you know that she’s cheated to get a reaction from you. Women can be spiteful, so if you’ve cheated on her then she may do the same.
  • It just happened. Sometimes shit happens. Maybe she got completely drunk or she met a guy with serious game and somehow messed with her brain. If you want to make sure this never happens to you, then I suggest you read How to Become an Alpha Male.

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