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20 Alpha Male Traits You Must Master

by nick

Women vary in taste when it comes to men. Some like big muscular guys; others prefer skinny or the average Joe. This is down to many aspects including your physical looks, race, age and level of intelligence. However if you can master the alpha male traits then you will be able to attract almost any woman you desire. This is because the types of traits alpha males display are universally attractive to all women. Below is my list of 20 alpha male traits you must master.


This is one of the main alpha male traits that you must have. Not only does confidence help you pick up women but it also helps you get ahead in life. Be confident in yourself and others will be confident in you.


You need to show ambition and be driven for success. This is a trait women find very attractive. Even if you’re not successful yet, showing that you have goals and ambition is a great quality to have.


Life is way too short to be doing things you don’t enjoy or working in a job you hate. You need to show a passion for life and live it!


You should always express your opinions honestly. If you don’t agree with something then say. You need to say what you think and mean it. Don’t be afraid if other people don’t agree.


Always stay true to your principles. Have a set of rules, morals and beliefs and stick to them. Don’t care what other people think.

Be Positive

Always have a positive mindset. No one likes a negative person. Even in the worst situations, always look for a positive and search for solutions to your problem. Complaining and doing nothing about it only makes matters worse.


Be assertive in all areas of your life. Go after things you want. If you don’t take action you will get no results.

Be Well Groomed

You need to make sure you look your best at all times when in public. Keep yourself clean and try to smell nice. Buy a quality fragrance. Chanel Pour Monsieur and Armani Black Code are my favourites. Be well dressed at all times, not just when you’re going for a night out. Wear clothes that fit properly. You never know when you’re going to meet that great woman you have been looking for. An alpha male takes care of himself, is always clean and stylish.


You need to be a leader. Don’t be afraid to take the lead position and guide others when you are in a position to do so.


There are times when you will have to follow, for example, when you are given work to do in your job. However you will accomplish tasks to the best of your abilities.

Self Approval

Do not seek approval from anyone. You need to accept yourself for who you are and not worry about what other people think.


Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun. Having a good sense of humour is a useful trait to have when attracting women. They like to have a man that can make them laugh.

Take Risks

You need to take risks in your life. This includes when approaching women and at work.  Taking risks shows that you are unpredictable and a challenge.

Move slowly

You are not in a rush for anyone as you are your own man. Move about slowly with your head held high, your shoulders back and chest out.

Be busy

You need to lead an interesting and exciting life. A busy man has a lot of options open to him and has high social value. Women will feel that they need to fight for your attention as you are not always available.

Be Dominant

You need to take charge and show initiative. Being dominant as an alpha male doesn’t mean you need to push people around. You need to be able to step up and take on a challenge, be persistent and never back down, and you should always stand up for yourself.

Have Diverse Interests

Don’t just focus on one or two interests that you may have such as work or exercising. Make sure you have a variety of interests to concentrate on such as hobbies and socialising. Having more than one interest makes you more interesting and gives you more to talk about.

Show Strength

You need to show that you can handle anything that life brings upon you. Showing strength is not about how much you can bench at the gym, but more about self assurance and self confidence. Don’t let little things upset you and don’t get stressed out over a problem, fix it instead.

Be Loyal

You need to be protective, reliable and honest. This trait is important when you’re in a relationship. Never deceive or misrepresent who you are as a man. Be loyal to friends and family and be the man that they can rely on if they ever need any help.

Show Intelligence

You need to be smart without seeming like a nerd. You need to be quick witted and know the right things to say in a social situation. Life is about learning and experiencing new things.

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